Aromatherapy for Hair Loss - Top 8 Essential Oils to Promote
by Melanie Vonzabuesnig
or 15 oils they can't live without. This article contains what I consider to be the top
eight essential oils to stimulate and maintain hair growth.  

BASIL, (Ocimum basilicum). Basil oil is a powerful scalp stimulator. When applied to
the scalp you can actually "feel" it working. It produces a warm, slightly tingling
sensation. When I use basil I don't have to use a conditioner. My hair rinses out
smooth, tangle free and squeaky clean. I've noticed that basil, more than any other
essential oil, makes my hair look shiny, healthy and thicker.

CARROT SEED, (Daucus carota). Carrot seed oil is superior for hair and skin that is in
need of nourishment, moisture and elasticity. It is indicated for alopecia areata, fragile
hair, brittle hair and falling hair. It is calming to the skin and scalp. Carrot seed oil is
rich in beta-carotene, vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, essential fatty acids and other
nutrients. It is expensive and harder to find than most essential oils. Although some
people find it pleasing, I am not particularly fond of the scent; but I am fond of the

CYPRESS, (Cupressus sempervirens). Imagine your self in a quiet forest surrounded
by tall Cypress tress. The aroma of cypress oil can transport you to that soothing
place. Cypress is used to reduce oiliness in the scalp and is good for dandruff. I use
cypress if I am making a nighttime scalp formula that I will leave in while I sleep. It
clears the mind and prepares it for sleep. It is important to use only the smallest
amount (1 drop) in your formula or it could have the opposite effect. I like to blend it
with orange and lavender in a base of jojoba.

LAVENDER, (lavendula vera) Lavender oil is a standard in hair and skin care. It has
cell-regenerating properties. It is used to promote hair growth and to prevent future
loss. It is effective for all hair types. Because it has the ability to regulate sebum
production, it is useful for either oily or dry scalp. Lavender is often paired with
rosemary in scalp and hair formulas. Together they produce an outstanding synergy
for hair care.

Lemon, (Citrus limon) the essential oil comes from the rind, which is high in Vitamins
A, B and C. Lemon oil is very versatile. It can be used for dry or oily hair because it
helps to regulate sebum production. It is anti-aging and promotes cell-regeneration.
It helps to restore the hair's natural ph level. Lemon oil can produce a healthy shine,
especially to blonde hair.

PEPPERMINT, (Mentha piperita) If I could only have one essential oil for my hair it
would be peppermint. It is refreshing and invigorating, excellent to use in the morning
to get the day started! Peppermint produces a cool, tingling feeling as it energizes the
scalp. It is used to promote hair growth, for dandruff and itchy scalp.

ROSEMARY, (Rosmarinus officinalis) Rosemary oil is very well known for it's superior
hair care qualities. For hair care, it is probably used more often than any other
essential oil, especially to promote hair growth. It is a powerful scalp stimulator for
hair loss and to strengthen thinning hair. It is also used to shine and condition hair
and to bring out highlights in dark hair.

TEA TREE, (Melaleuca alternifolia) Tea tree oil has become very popular. It is anti-
viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is effective against any type of fungal condition
of scalp such as ringworm. It is used to heal infections and to reduce itchiness. It
removes build-up on the scalp and helps rejuvenate dull lifeless hair. It leaves hair
soft, clean and manageable. Tea tree has a strong, clan medicinal scent.

It is important to know and follow all safety guidelines before using any
aromatherapy products. Essential oils must be diluted properly before applying to
skin. Certain oils cannot be used if certain medical conditions are present. Enlisting
the help of a trained professional aromatherapist can help ensure a safe and effective

About The Author

Melanie Vonzabuesnig is the author of Hair Loss in Women…Getting to the Root of
the Problem [] She is passionate about
empowering women with information and solutions involving female hair loss. She
used aromatherapy to overcome her own severe hair loss problems and has been
able to maintain healthy hair for many years now. She went on to study
aromatherapy and massage therapy, specializing in female hair loss issues. For more
information visit
or email at
Losing my hair, handfuls at a time
until I was practically bald was a
painful experience for me. Fortunately
I was able to overcome my hair loss
and re grow my hair through the use
of aromatherapy. Learning about
aromatherapy soon became my
passion and my field of study. For
fifteen years now I have been able to
control my hair loss and maintain
healthy hair with aromatherapy.
There are approximately 200
essential oils in use today. Of those,
about 35 are commonly used for
scalp and hair. Most people who work
with essential oils settle into about 10
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