Arthritis - Natural Alternate Medication Options
by Mohini Nigam
bacteria, or virus such as parvovirus. Environmental factors such as cigarette
smoking has been known to cause arthritis.  One of the other factors is autoimmune
disease, which is nothing but generation of proteins by the body which stimulates
inflammatory reaction in joint thus commencing series of immunological events
leading to arthritis.

Age of onset is frequently between 35-50 years. Although there is no known
association, most of the individuals who suffer from arthritis also have heart disease,
high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. Some researchers believe arthritis to be

Symptoms of arthritis begins with stiffness of joints in the morning which lasts for
more than 1 hour. This continues for around 6 weeks, Swelling of joints soon follows
along with pain. Tests shows erosion of bones and joints on X-ray, nodules on
physical examination, and positive rheumatoid factor in synovial fluid analysis.

Rheumatoid factor is auto-antibody produced by the body when a person suffers
from Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease. This ultimately results in
deformity of the joints. Some of the deformities include outward deviation of the
wrist with inward deviation of the fingers, Swan-neck deformity, Boutonniere
deformity etc. Person also suffers from anemia, weight loss, poor sleep, muscle
aches and tenderness of joints.

There is no single test to diagnose arthritis. The diagnosis is primarily based on
combination of clinical examination and multiple tests.

When individuals start seeing symptoms such as joint pain, joint stiffness, they
should immediately seek medical advice and get themselves checked. The earlier
arthritis is detected and diagnosed,the better will be prognosis. Although arthritis
cannot be completely prevented, the signs and symptoms can be delayed from
manifesting by following a healthy life style. Eating healthy and balanced diet,
exercise, weight reduction, controlling other diseases such as diabetes, quitting
cigarette are some of the things one can do in order to suspend arthritis from
occurring early.

Treatment of arthritis attempts to slow down inflammatory process and
encompasses medication, physical therapy, lifestyle changes, dietary supplements
etc. In severe and complicated cases, surgery is required to correct joint deformity.

Medications used for the treatment include Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
(NSAID) such as over the counter ibuprofen, Aleve, more strong pain killers such as
celebrax,tramadol. Other drugs include Corticosteroids, disease modifying
antirhuematic drugs (DMARDs) such as methotrexate and tumor necrosis factor
inhibitors such as Remicade. The issue with the medications are side effects which
can be equally dangerous as the disease itself

Natural Alternatives such as Synotrex is a very promising supplement which have
minimal to no side effect, natural ingrdients such as turmeric which not only helps
fight inflammation, but also boosts immune system.

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About The Author

Mohini N. has years of research/work experience with autoimmune diseases. You can
find more information on joint pain at
Arthritis is chronic inflammatory
disease which affects multiple
systems of the body. Its main target
is synovium. Synovium is the fluid
filled space between joint spaces.
Because it affects joint space in long
term time period, if not detected
early, it can lead to joint erosion,
followed by bone erosion,
subsequently severe deformation of
joint leading to incapability of joint

It is often associated and known to
be triggered as a reaction to an
infectious agent such as mycoplasma
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