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    Blue Green Algae – A Brief Review of the Latest Research

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    Aphanizomenon flos-Aquae (A.F.A, a.k.a. Wild Blue-Green Algae) boasts a full range of vitamins, essential amino acids, and naturally chelated minerals. AFA is also an excellent source of vitamin B12, as well as Omega 3 fatty acids, which protect against heart disease and lower triglycerides.

    Recent studies by the researcher Dr. Kilmer McCully have found that a shortage of the B-Complex vitamins (B-12, B6, and folic acid, which are abundant in AFA) can result in a build up homocysteine, a compound that contributes to heart disease and cancer. The excess homocysteine prompts the body to protect the arteries by building up a lining of cholesterol.

    A study at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal as long ago as 1998 suggested that eating Blue-Green Algae for a period of three months can help reduce cholesterol. To back this up, another study conducted recently at the Massachusetts General Hospital revealed that feeding Blue-Green Algae to rodents significantly decreased blood cholesterol levels.

    The same study also found that eating this particular algae triggered the migration of 40% of the circulating Natural Killer (NK) cells from blood to tissue within 2 hours of consumption.

    NK cells play an important role in the immune system. They are mainly responsible for finding and removing so-called “sick cells” that have become corrupted either due to a viral infection or cancerous disfiguration.

    Other substances, such as green tea, are also known to enhance the activity of NK cells but until the above mentioned discovery on Blue-Green Algae, no dietary substance was known to prompt NK cells into this natural “house-keeping” action of migrating into the tissues to seek out and destroy “sick cells.”

    The wisdom of maintaining a diet that includes both Wild Blue-Green Algae and green tea, and this author’s reasons for recommending it, should now be evident.

    The study by the Royal Victoria Hospital included 50 healthy participants and results suggested that Blue-Green Algae can also help stimulate the production of red blood cells, probably due to its high content of vitamin B12.

    Another study, performed in collaboration with the University of New Mexico, suggests that eating Blue-Green Algae boosts the brain. It finding is supported by the many reports – including that of the author of this article! – of increased mental alertness and concentration that follow from regular consumption of this Algae.

    Finally, recently released preliminary data from Boston University suggests that regularly eating Blue-Green Algae may reverse the symptoms of essential fatty acid deficiency, specifically that of omega-3.

    Essential fatty acids cannot be made by the body and need to enter the body via what we eat. They play a crucial role in the proper working of the immune system and their deficiency has been associated with cardiovascular disease, depression, some cancers, arthritis and skin problems.

    Therefore, before you consume their poisons and damage your mental and physical health still further, those of you undergoing persuasions from the psycho-pharmacy racket to consume psychiatric chemicals so as to “manage” your “mental illness” should recognize that right here we have nutritional remedies that are safer and of infinitely greater long term benefit to you as a complete organism.

    “Chuck the drugs and eat your grub” is the motto – as just this second coined by yours truly. For brain function and mood – mental health – as well as purely physical health, nutrition is a safe, more workable and, as is becoming increasingly evident, vital therapy that renders much of the psycho-pharmacy obsolete.

    All this newly released data explains the many impressive benefits reported by people eating Blue-Green Algae on a regular basis. Having attracted the attention or researchers, ongoing studies are being done so as to fully understand the effects on the human body of eating Blue-Green Algae.

    We now know that it may increase red blood cell production, reduce cholesterol, boost brain function and resolve essential fatty acid deficiency, not to mention strengthening your immune system.

    The day is coming when Blue-Green Algae, hopefully alongside green tea as the beverage of choice, will be a routine supplement, much as Vitamin C so rightly is today, for people who want to be drug free and mentally and physically healthy.

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