Build Muscle Strength Through Yoga Exercises
by Robert Britt
As I said, times have changed. Now most gyms offer yoga classes and they aren't
just about stretching, although 'just' the act of stretching can increase your strength
and fitness all by itself. Yoga is a total mind-body connection experience that can
really take you by surprise as you exit the class for the first time. You will be
challenged and you will use muscles that you didn't even know existed. And you will
be challenged no matter what type of yoga class you take.

So with that let me also say that all yoga is not created equal. There are classes that
challenge you more and are more 'athletic' as opposed to stretching and breathing. If
you take bikram, vinyasa, 'power yoga', or ashtanga yoga you are in for an
endurance building challenge. Those are among the yogas that will give you more of
a strenuous workout and can improve your core strength and give you
cardio-vascular conditioning. That is accomplished by constant motion between the
asanas (poses).

Because yoga techniques generally only work with body weight the entire practice is
more 'gentle' with its demands upon you. For this reason it is often used as a
therapeutic method to help with healing injuries and pains. The stretching combined
with strengthening can help with all sorts of injuries from repetitive strains to back
pains. As with any sort of training you don't want to just jump in without checking
first with your doctor or therapist, but generally speaking, because of the nature of
yoga, it is complimentary to most recommended courses of action for physical

Yoga classes can be found at most gyms, but you can also find a lot of instruction
and videos that can take you through routines at home. I would recommend taking a
class with an instructor for anyone who is interested in getting into it, because a
certified instructor can help you understand the routines better and help prevent bad
habits before they can start. Form is very important in all training and yoga is no

So if you are looking for something to break up your regular routine (and I highly
recommend changing up fitness habits to challenge your body) think about checking
out a few yoga classes. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and glad you did.

About The Author

Robert Britt

The right food choices will also make a huge impact on your quest for better health. I
lost over ten pounds in the first 21 days of following the Every Other Day Diet and it
was simple and easy, and I didn't give up real cheese steaks, burgers, lasagna or any
of my other favorite foods.
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Yoga. Just the sound of the word can
turn people off. I can picture my
mom with her floor mat sitting cross
legged and stretching her facial
muscles and believe me the memory
is not one I really care to have, so
believe me when I say yoga and
strength training are not two things I
thought really belonged in the same
sentence. But I can admit when I am
wrong, and I am wrong on this one.
Yoga isn't what I remember and to
be honest, I think twenty or thirty
years ago, it didn't get a good
introduction to America.
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