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    Cacao Nibs Health Benefits – Why Should You Eat Cacao Nibs?

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    Cacao tree is a native evergreen tree cultivated in several tropical areas in America and some areas in Asia. Its bear fruits and when it gets ripe, seeds are taken out, dried and shelled to use as the main ingredient for chocolates, cakes, sweets and cocoa powder. Being the main ingredient of various chocolate products, others has impressions that cacao is not good for the health but did you know that Cacao Nibs is considered as a superfood?

    individuals who are maintaining a good body shape avoids eating chocolate and might never eat chocolate for the rest of his life. This maybe is because of the sugar content of chocolates but Cacao Nibs are different. It is naturally healthy and it could be the best substitute for chocolates which offers great nutritional content essential for building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    What are the health benefits you could get from Cacao Nibs?

    Here are some of the health benefits you could get from Cacao Nibs:

    Enhances functions of the cardiovascular system-Cacao Nibs has nutrients essential for the cardiovascular system and creates positive effects on a person’s emotional aspects. Some research proved that there are components in Cacao beans that helps in lowering cholesterol levels and reduces high blood pressures. Its magnesium content keeps your heart strong and enhances the function of the cardiovascular system. Moreover, it decreases coagulation of blood which keeps lowers risk of having blood clots in the body. Definitely, it is an excellent food that keeps you free from strokes and heart attacks.

    It has antioxidants- Cacao Nibs is a food rich with antioxidant that may contain about 10 percent of antioxidant concentration which is 3 times more compared to the concentration level of red wine and green tea. Cacao beans contains Polypenol- a chemical compound that could also serve as antioxidants. Polyphenols are also very essential in reducing risk for cardiovascular diseases and cancers. Antioxidants are very helpful in preventing bad cell and repairing damaged cells in the body which reduces cancer threats. Antioxidants are also responsible of reducing cholesterol levels which is definitely a good reason to include Cacao Nibs to your daily diet.

    Effective Anti-depressants-Cacao beans contains some neurotransmitters-endogenous chemicals that transmit neuron to a target cell. There are 3 neurotransmitters present in Cacao beans: dopamine, serotonin and phenylethylamine. Neurotransmitters are considered as mood enhancers. Phenylethylamine is a typical element that creates good effects on the brain chemistry which is also relates on the reasons why a certain individual falls in love. On the other hand, serotonin and dopamine circulates on the bloodstream that alleviates depression and creates a good feeling mentally and emotionally.

    Effective and Safe Weight Loss-Cacao beans have natural components that helps reduce weight naturally and safely. As it contains polyphenols, cacao beans boost insulin sensitivity that may help individual to feel better and support their mindset to lose weight. Cacao Nibs are perfect for dieters because it helps them overcome a healthy and safer way of losing weight without craving for unhealthy foods.

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