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    Coconut Water Health Benefits Review by Every Nutrient

    Coconut Water Health Benefits – 5 Ways to Optimal Health

    Coconut water- is it a new fad drink that celebrities carry around or a centuries-old health aid? It’s both, and the wisdom of the ancients has met up with the 21st century life in using pure natural foods like water from green coconuts for a healthy lifestyle.

    To step on the road to optimal health, it takes just a decision- to put healthier food and drinks into your body instead of the over processed, manufactured, chemically loaded products that are pushed at you from every angle.

    To amp up your health improvement curve, add these five steps to your daily life:

    • Hydrate- Your body is made up of more than 50% water. Keep every system balanced by drinking plenty of water each day. How much? Varying opinions suggest about one-half ounce for each pound you weigh. So if you are at 180 lbs., then drinking 80-90 ounces daily is the recommendation. Adding coconut water into this count means that you are putting nutritionally superior “water” into your body.
    • Get off the sugar. Important information is being revealed constantly about the dangers of high sugar intake, including the high fructose corn syrup that seems to be added to much of our processed foods. Soda and high sugared juice drinks are a big factor in the childhood obesity epidemic. Coconut water is very low in sugar and can be safely added to everyone’s liquid daily intake
    • Exercise- Go outside and run around with your kids. Take a neighbor’s dog for a long, brisk walk. Park in the furthest parking spot and walk to your office. And after working out, grab a coconut water drink to replenish and rehydrate with the optimal “sports drink” that many athletes are choosing over the “ades”.
    • Supplement your nutrition. Your body needs natural nutrition but sometimes you will need to add in some vitamins and minerals. Natural water from young green coconuts is an excellent source for potassium, magnesium, amino acids and other important nutrients.
    • Energy boost- How many times do you reach for a cup of coffee or a candy bar in the afternoon to give yourself a “boost” and get you through the rest of your workday? Get off the caffeine and empty calories and drink a container of coconut water. It replenishes and balances your body with just what it needs to finish those final tasks and revive your spirits.

    Coconut water adds so much to your health. Balance, nutrition, exercise, and coconut water are the key ingredients in living a healthy life. Coconut water has many benefits that have been around for years. What’s taken you so long to try it?

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