Coconut Water - Health Benefits and Information You Need to
by Cory Henig
The water of a coconut has much more potassium than a banana, and has many
other nutrients and electrolytes that are necessary for staying hydrated and
balanced. Forget about sports drinks, believe it or not, this stuff is more potent and
healthier and has the same effect. Coconut water benefits your health in the long
run, by helping balance out your chemistry in your body and heals you of imbalances.
It is quite inexpensive and easy to find.

The ingredients found in coconut water can help improve your immune system,
intestinal health, metabolism, digestion, and other parts of the body as well. It helps
balance your body's PH by putting you into a more alkaline state, opposed to acidic,
which can cause an abundant of health problems. It helps detoxify you and fight
viruses, because of its anti-viral properties. People underestimate the power of
coconut water and focus on prescription drugs that can be damaging to the body.

Coconut reduces fatigue, gives you more energy, and helps you feel great. It
prevents hypertension, controls diabetes, improves circulation, and even reduces
your risk of cancer! It is essentially a health elixir. Whether you want organic coconut
water or non-organic, the health benefits are easily attainable.

If you want the water from the coconut you have a couple of options. You can either
buy the coconuts or buy the liquid already in a container. If you choose to buy the
coconuts and do it yourself, it is best to purchase the coconut that is a young Thai
and has young coconut water. It is okay to purchase a regular coconut, I just find it
is a little easier and more enjoyable to deal with young Thai coconuts; they have soft
tissue on the outside.

Simply take a hammer and screw driver, try your best to clean the screw driver, and
place two holes on each top side of the coconut. Either take a straw and poke it in
the hole or pour the juice into a cup. Either way you can now enjoy fresh coconut
water. It is important to determine the coconut water health. To do this check the
bottom of the young thai coconut, typically a bad coconut will be soft, cracked, and
pink, this means it went bad, and chances are will taste horrible.

About The Author

Cory Henig

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Coconuts are always a tasty treat
and usually we add the meat to
desserts, most people fear that
coconuts are fattening and bad for
you, this is quite far from the truth.
Contrary to popular belief, pure
coconut water is actually quite
healthy, does NOT make you gain
weight, and can actually help you lose
weight. Besides the weight issue the
health benefits coconut offers is
huge, for example, the liquid of the
coconut is almost identical to blood
plasma, thus it is used intravenously
in third world countries.
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