Diabetes Diet Tips - A Healthy Approach to Blood Sugar
by Michelle Spencer
at bay.

No matter what your situation, if you have Type 2 diabetes, there is a lot you can do
to help you to tame it.

By following some healthy diabetes diet tips you'll be able to lose some weight and
also boost your cells' ability to respond to insulin.

If you have Type 2 diabetes, your primary goal is simple: to bring your blood sugar
levels under control. By doing so, you'll help to stave off diabetes-related
complications that can compromise your quality of life, such as serious eye and
kidney problems; you can reduce your risk of heart disease (did you know that
people with diabetes have two to four times the normal risk of heart disease and
stroke?); and you'll most likely live longer. Best of all, you will soon feel better both
physically and mentally and more in control of your day-to-day health.

How to lower blood sugar levels is another matter entirely, and one that can seem
anything but simple.

Medications can achieve this, of course, and you may need to be on some. But there
are many more measures that you can take to control your diabetes and slow its
progression, starting with changing your diet.

There are countless different ways to regulate your diet, from simple healthy eating
to choosing the foods you eat according to their Glycaemic Index ratings. But we
don't think you should have to research each and every food before you eat it.

Taking charge of diabetes doesn't have to be all that complicated. In fact, it shouldn't
be, because the more complicated a piece of advice is, the less likely you are to
follow it. Approaches that involve a lot of time, attention and planning can be difficult
to stick with permanently.

The truth is that all you really need to do to achieve a radical change in your health is
to make a few small changes in some of your everyday habits, such as what you eat
for lunch or what you do during the commercial breaks on TV. How can such small
changes possibly add up to controlling diabetes?

Lowering your blood sugar levels is reason enough to lose weight for someone with
diabetes. But shedding surplus pounds may also help to relieve or prevent a multitude
of secondary health problems, including

* High blood pressure
* Heart disease
* Stroke
* Gallbladder disease
* Joint pain
* Sleep apnea
* Arthritis
* Breast cancer
* Colon cancer
* Prostate cancer
* Kidney cancer

About The Author

Michelle Spencer

By following some healthy
you'll quickly realize that having diabetes
is not the end of the world. A
need not be restrictive and
un-appetizing - in fact it can be quite a culinary delight - find out how today.
I'm assuming that you're reading this
diabetes diet article for one simple
reason. You (or a loved one) have
diabetes or a family history of
diabetes and you want to find a
healthy diet for diabetes that will help
you manage the condition more
effectively. Maybe you'd like to
reduce your reliance on medication.
Perhaps you're hoping to avoid
having to resort to drugs in the first
place. Maybe you simply want a
diabetes diet plan that will allow you
to do everything in your power to
keep your blood sugar under control
and to keep serious health problems
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