Do You Suffer From Male PMS? Yes, Pre-Menstrual Stress!
by Graeme Teague

How do you know if you suffer?

Ask your wife, spouse, girlfriend or family or friends, to mark on a calendar when you
are grumpy, moody or just feel as if you are under stress. When you feel tired, when
work is upsetting you, when you stress affects you or you are anxious. Mark it on
the calendar and note the pattern.

Every four to six weeks you will have a period where you feel grumpy, moody, tired
etc. This is the male hormonal cycle.

Most of you will be saying ... it isn't me; it's just been a busy period of time. I'm not
grumpy, people just don't understand me. Of course I'm anxious, look at all the work
stress I have, the deadlines I have to complete by Friday.

Look around you, if everyone else is doing the same workload as you, are they just
as grumpy, tired and irritable. If not ... it is you ... and yes ... you are suffering from
P.M.S (pre-menstrual stress).

Just ask those around you, if they believe you suffer. Don't get mad, grumpy or
depressed if they say ... yes!

Men's health is a common topic today. You die earlier than women; have worse
health statistics, more heart disease and many other health complaints. You deal
with stress less efficiently and the effects of stress are worse.

The hormonal system is part of this. Did you know that your hormonal system
controls your heart rate, cholesterol, stress response and blood pressure? All
common problems, in men.

The first symptoms of imbalance in the hormonal system are not a heart attack or
high blood pressure. It is the annoying symptoms that you discount easy ... P.M.S
(pre-menstrual stress).

Like most other bodily functions, the hormonal system is ignored when there are
only minor signals saying it is out of balance. How often do you wait until your back
is crippling you, before you see someone to remove the pain?

Hormonally, the same applies. You ignore the minor symptoms (this is not just men,
women do this also hormonally), until larger ones occur.

Women end up with Hysterectomy's, or cancers of the uterus etc, thyroid problems
and many other health problems. Men, because even though you have the same
organs as women, you still function differently, end up with heart problems.

As life is increasing in stress, the hormonal system is asked to work harder. Notice
how as life is more stressful, there is an increasing number of testicular cancers,
prostate problems, heart disease ... all the statistics for these are getting worse not

So what to do?

Get healthy, hormonally included. Reduce stress, boost your energy, have more
holidays, relax more, learn ways to look after your self better.

Male P.M.S (pre-menstrual stress) is just the first sign of ill health; don't put it down
to a bad day at the office, or just too much stress. Change now before it is too late,
don't end up clutching your chest, riding to hospital in the back of the ambulance and
then remembering ...

If only I had listened, become healthy and lived better ... if only.

About The Author

Dr Graeme Teague is an expert on stress and the affects it has on health. His unique
and fresh views on anxiety, depression and stress are a welcome change. His web
site Fast Stress is designed to give you all the information and facts on
how and why stress affects you, and more importantly simple, proven and natural
ways to eliminate anxiety, depression and stress.Do you want to eliminate Anxiety,
Depression and Stress ... using simple, proven, natural and ancient methods - click
here ... X--Stress [].
Yes, you read it. Men suffer from
P.M.S (pre-menstrual stress).

I am a man, and I like you (if you are
also male) may suffer from P.M.S,
why? Just like women you have a
hormonal system. If this system is
out of balance, then symptoms may

A common symptom of hormonal
imbalance is premenstrual stress. The
problem with men is that you don't
menstruate. So you just don't know
you are suffering because there is no
way to know it is premenstrual.
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