Eat Alkaline Foods to Neutralize Acid Reflux  
by Nat Brown
arthritic diseases. And according to author Michal Cogan in his book the New Nutrition
'Acidosis destroys bones, because the body has to steal alkalizing minerals from
them, to keep the blood pH from dropping into the acid range'.

Symptoms of Highly Acidic Diets

Common symptoms from eating an unbalanced diet that is too acidic can include;
diarrhea, water retention, migraines, fatigue, halitosis, insomnia and a burning
sensation on the tongue and in the mouth. More serious consequences from acid
reflux disease include asthma, chest pains and even coughing up blood in the case of
erosive esophagitis.

Alkaline diets have been developed to combat a wide range of health problems
including diabetes and obesity and can aid weight loss. These alkaline foods diets
should also be used in conjunction with a healthy eating plan that includes more
smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to only a couple large meals.

The correct alkaline-acid balance varies slightly from person to person and also
depends on your level of activity. Typically the more active you are, the more alkaline
foods you need to eat. Generally the ratio of acidic foods to alkaline foods should
range between 2:1 and 4:1.

Alkaline Foods include; almonds, coconut, buttermilk, yogurt, raisins, melons figs,
olives, bananas, chocolate, avocado, grapes, potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, lettuce,
artichokes, broccoli, cucumber and mushrooms.

Foods high in acidity include; beans, butter, cheese, vinegar, coffee, tapioca, eggs,
meats, plums, prunes, blueberries, wine and other alcoholic drinks. Tobacco and
recipes that include ash are also considered acidic.

In addition to acidic foods and alkaline foods there are also a large number of neutral
ph foods. These include; sugar, honey, syrup, margarine and cooking oils.

Acid reflux happens when the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus relaxes
when it should not. This allows stomach acid to flow up into the esophagus. When
this acid reflux occurs often, it is called acid reflux disease or gastroesophageal reflux
disease (GERD). This can eventually cause erosion or sores to develop in the lining of
the esophagus.

There are a number of different types of drugs and medicines that are commonly
used to combat heartburn and other symptoms of acid reflux disease, but certainly
eating right and ensuring you consume a a diet high enough in alkaline foods is
essential not only for these health problem, but for the whole body.

About The Author

Nat Brown

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Eating more alkaline foods is a great
way to balance your diet and reduce
the effects of acid reflux disease. In
fact a highly acidic diet can be the
cause of many other health problems
in addition to acid reflux disease.

A low alkaline diet makes the cells
and fluids in the body too acidic. This
is a major problem in many western
countries, especially in North America
where the normal high-fat, high-sugar
diets can cause Acidosis. Diets that
are low in alkaline foods are also
blamed as the cause of many
diseases, especially rheumatic and
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