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Exercise and Fitness
Starring: Madeleine Lewis

Certified fitness instructor Madeleine Lewis guides you
through targeted morning and evening stretching
programs. AM Stretch is an invigorating way to start the
day, with emphasis on restorative flexibility. PM Stretch
helps you to relax and to re-align your body. This deluxe
DVD includes two 30-minute stretching workouts, bonus
Power Stretch workout, separate music track and an
instructor interview.
Starring: Tamilee Webb

Everyone - from the absolute beginner to the most
accomplished athlete - can benefit from stretching on a
regular basis. Whether preparing for a sporting event or
just winding down from a stressful day, stretching can
prevent injuries, improve posture and circulation and
help you become more limber and relaxed. Now,
renowned fitness instructor Tamilee Webb has
developed stretching routines that will provide increased
flexibility and vitality to people of all ages, lifestyles ...
Starring: Leslie Sansone

Customer Review:
"Exercise Video - This exercise video was very easy to
get started on and you could do all the exercises in very
limited space. This is great for people who do not have
alot of room. After exercising to the video, I felt really
good, energized. I would definitely recommend it to
someone who is just starting out exercising. It is low
impact and easy to follow."
also available on DVD
Starring: Billy Blanks

Billy Blanks focuses on the core instructional messages
of Billy's new program, along with how to make the
most out of your Billy Bands (not included) to help you
get started on the right track. With Billy, you will learn
how to set goals and, most of all, reach them.
Starring: Billy Blanks

Ultimate BootCamp is designed by Billy to be the
FASTEST hour in fitness! this is the workout that ties it
all together: cardio, upper-body toning, lower-body
toning, and abs in one mega-workout that drives you to
peak performance!
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Starring: Sang H. Kim

Achieving and maintaining the high level of fitness
required for martial arts training is a scientific process.
The training methods you use and the way you
workout can greatly affect your success in the ring and
on the street. In this informative DVD, Sang H. Kim
has brought all of the exercises in the Ultimate Fitness
video series together into one powerful presentation.
Starring: New York City Ballet Workout

Peter Martins, Ballet Master in Chief of the New York
City Ballet, teaches slow lower-body stretches. A
difficult abdominal series,  floor exercises to tone the
thighs and buttocks while still using the abdominals.
After introducing moves to strengthen the back and
upper body, Martins runs through a series of standing
exercise segments using various ballet movements to
strengthen the legs and postural muscles. The workout
is divided into 17 short sections.  
Starring: Kili

Kili demonstrates this unique dance method she calls
her "secret weapon" for keeping in shape and having a
bathing suit-ready body all year long. Kili has designed
this workout to specifically target and tone legs, buns,
and abs. You will learn three basic Tahitian moves:
‘ami, figure 8, and Tahitian bump. Combined with
fitness steps, these moves offer an innovative and
creative Tahitian Cardio workout to help you lose
weight and shape the entire body.
Starring: Sang H. Kim

Want to kick higher, stronger, faster? Bored with the
usual training routine? Then the Ultimate Kicking
Drills DVD is for you. Follow along as master Sang H.
Kim teaches you dozens of kicking drills, techniques,
exercises & tips to put you on the road to measurable
improvement.  On the Ultimate Kicking Drills DVD,
you get over 100 drills, exercises and training methods
that made the video a bestseller
Videos and DVDs
Starring: Danny Campbell

The Heavy Bag is one of the oldest, time-honored
staples in the sport of boxing. It has been around since
the days of the bare-fisted warriors of past centuries. It
is also one of the most miss-used and under utilized
pieces of training equipment in the gym. Noted former
professional boxer, referee, trainer and promoter Danny
Campbell shows the inside secrets from the pros to
mastering the heavy bag.
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