Exercise May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk
by Juliet White
of treatment in this field is exercise. Proper exercise is essential to the health of the
human body but especially to the brain. Now you may be slightly confused as you
can't exercise your brain like you can your arms.

However by keeping the rest of your body in good shape you can ensure that the
brain stays healthy. This is mainly by ensuring proper blood flow, proper blood
oxygen levels, and proper nutrition. Now most of us aren't nutritionists or medical
doctors and wouldn't know where to start to monitor or augment these things.
Fortunately you don't need to be a genius to take care of yourself.

The first thing you can do is keep yourself in shape. This is often where people can go
overboard and make themselves too thin. Body fat is there for a reason and you
need a certain amount of it to stay healthy. Striking the right balance is important,
and losing weight that you don't need can keep your blood pressure low.

Another item on the list that can help keep your brain healthy is cholesterol levels.
Making sure you have adequate good cholesterol in your body can keep the bad in
check and prevent strokes. If your already at your target weight, or soon will be,
then you need to start focusing on your diet to maintain your health and fitness.
Eating the required amounts of grains, fruits, veggies, and getting plenty of water can
help keep your body running smoothly.

Drinking 2 to 4 cups of Green tea a day also helps reduce your risk of developing
Alzheimer's. Unfortunately there is no way to eliminate your risk completely. While
continual research is being done on both preventative and curative means there is
currently no end in sight. Recent developments in stem cell research have been
promising, but face many moral and ethical hurdles from certain countries.

This being said all a person can do is eat healthy, exercise daily, and try to stay as fit
as possible. For elderly people it is a good idea to choose an exercise that is not too
strenuous but which still provides an good workout. There are many forms of
exercise which fit this description but one of the most popular and effective is
jumping on a rebounder or reboundair. This applies to all people as well, not just
those of us that may be over 65. Aside from eating healthy and exercising you can
also quit smoking to aid in your health. Research has shown that getting enough
sleep every night can also help your body's resistance to diseases both mental and

Alzheimer's is one of the worst diseases a family member or friend can be afflicted
with. Taking care of a person in such a condition can be overwhelming at times.
Remember that these people cannot help the way they act, and that you need to
treat them with dignity and respect at all times. After all it might be you in that chair
one day.

About The Author

Juliet White

For more information on
or to order a reboundair rebounder visit
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Alzheimer's is a severe mental
disease that many of us may face in
our lifetime. There are many among
us who have family members that
already suffer from it. Treating the
disease has proved difficult and a cure
is still some ways off. However many
doctors and scientists have switched
their methods of treatment from
curing the problem to preventing it in
the first place.

This field of study has shown
considerable results, and while not
able to stop Alzheimer's from forming
it can slow it down. The main method
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