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    Exercise Stops the Need for Plastic Surgery

    Exercise Stops the Need for Plastic Surgery and Injections

    Almost every day there is an article written and published about the industry of beauty; the topics vary but you can be assured that Botox and fillers via injections, surgery and procedures will be discussed ad nauseam. These invasive, perilous undertakings entice those who want to look younger and these brave souls don’t mind putting their health at risk as they alter their appearance time and again with the latest and greatest cosmetic procedure.

    An unfortunate by-product of plastic cosmetic surgery is suicide. That’s right, for whatever reason, men and women who are disappointed with the results are increasingly becoming suicidal. Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is real and its meaning can be summed up in just one sentence – This is a mental disorder suffered by both men and women that causes an extremely critical self analysis of one’s physique with less than satisfactory results from plastic surgery or other modalities of physical enhancement. Imagine, having procedure after procedure and still seeing an ugly duckling in the mirror.

    Chasing after the Fountain of Youth has been an on-going odyssey for centuries and even though drug companies would like you to believe that toxins and the like will help you look younger, at the end of the day, you will still be the age you are only with a body filled with chemicals that can have an adverse effect on your good health. This risk of dependency affects more than just physical health, now we must consider mental health!

    Chemicals, toxins, cadaver based fillers, surgery, feather lifts, Thermage, lasers and more are temporary and risky procedures that keep you looking older. Yes, older! These fixes do nothing but prop up your aging face, producing short lived self confidence because when these gimmicks wear off, you must repeat and repeat the procedures to maintain the desired semblance of prettiness and youthfulness.

    Does anyone who regularly shoots up think about the consequences ten years from now? It’s a well known fact that when you paralyze a portion of the face, the face contorts to accommodate the affected muscles and these contortions lead to more wrinkles. What about the fillers that plump up nasal labial folds? How much can the body endure from repeated uses of sterilized cadaver and bovine materials?

    And what about cutting into the face of a perfectly healthy body to stop the slide of muscles and skin? Consider this: If you see that your butt is sliding into the top of your thigh or that your underarm is jiggling, would surgery be your first line of defense? Heavens no! Most likely you would begin an exercise regimen to tone up your body; surgery probably wouldn’t enter your mind.

    Doctors and drug companies advertise. They heavily advertise so that you will begin to believe their message, their hype. They want you to believe that this injection, this procedure, this medication will make you look and feel younger and healthier. When you think about the long-term expense and risk, do these options seem sound? How many procedures and injections will be required over a twenty span? Will you eventually stop them and then just look old? That’s doubtful because studies show that people who have one procedure will likely eye the menu and book another. It’s likened to a gerbil on his wheel – imperfections can create the desire for more and more treatments that just might interfere with your life. After all, surgery is risky, even deadly!

    I admire Alex Kuczynski, author of Beauty Junkies, who believes a very sad fate has tainted the feminine ideal, declaring that the culture of “better” has corrupted the perception of what is beautiful and even acceptable. In other words, the ads would have you believe that you need to be fixed. Ms Kuczynski nor I want you to end up look like an aging porn star from chasing after injections and surgery.

    Enough already! Let’s move on to a positive space – a space where everyone can return the look of youthfulness to their face without any risk, pain or spending their children’s inheritance.

    External beauty like inner beauty takes work; yes, it’s easy to just allow someone to administer beauty enhancements but did you know there is an alternative to the usual suspects of improvement? One that will definitely help you look younger and it doesn’t involve surgery or injections – it’s facial exercise that uses isometric contractions and resistance that when employed for just a few weeks will create a younger looking face by strengthening and toning hidden facial muscles that support our skin.

    Bottom line: Aging isn’t what it used to be. Defy it! Exercise your face!

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