Extra Pounds Can Increase Arthritis Pain
by Keith Tennent
Arthritis affecting the joints will result in additional pain and inflammation, particularly
when the joints are burdened by excess weight.

Overweight people are more susceptible to Osteoarthritis, a disease also known as
the "wear-and-tear" arthritis.

Research has shown that shedding excess weight can decrease the risk for
Osteoarthritis of the knee. In sufferers, losing weight can decelerate the development
of the disease.

Guidelines For Weight Loss

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has ceased using height and weight charts in
the management of obesity and excess weight. Measurement of overweight patients

· BMI, or body mass index

· waist circumference

· number of risk factors identified

· obesity-related conditions

The BMI is computed by diving a persons weight in pounds by the height in inches
squared, and multiplying the resulting amount by 704.5 A BMI of 27.3 or over for
women, and 27.8 or over for men is considered as being overweight. Having a BMI
of 30 defines obesity, with 30 referring to the number of pounds a person is

Tips To Lose Weight Successfully

In aiming for weight loss and dieting, a person needs to be both rational and realistic.
It is unhealthy and irrational to try all the fad diets and quick weight loss strategies
that can deprive the body of the necessary nutrients. It is estimated that over 90%
of dieters who undertook quick weight loss programs gained the weight they lost
within the span of a year. Losing weight can be as straightforward as burning calories
through lessening food consumption and exercising regularly.

Most doctors recommend moderate physical activity daily or every other day to help
lose weight, strengthen joints and bones, lower blood pressure, and improve
cardiovascular fitness.

Physical activities like walking can burn up to 100 calories a mile. Half an hour or
more of gardening, raking leaves for 30 minutes, and other everyday exertions can
use up around 150 calories.

Eating Balanced Meals Regularly

Eating three nutritious and balanced meals everyday and passing up on unhealthy
snacks options is recommended for weight loss. Losing weight in a healthy manner
involves cutting out most fats from the diet and consuming food rich in:

* calcium
* zinc
* potassium
* fibre
* Vitamins D, B12, and E

Lessening food intake of at least 500 calories daily will result in a one- pound-a-day
loss. To reduce body weight by at least 10%, a person will have to spread calorie
decrease over a 6-month period, with an average drop of 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Healthy Eating Tips

You can incorporate a healthy diet by:

* Consuming lean meats in minimal amounts, avoiding red meat and adding fish and
poultry to your diet instead.
* Cutting away meat fat and skin before cooking.
* Steam, grill, bake or microwave your food instead of frying it with oil.
* Choose dairy products like low or non-fat cheese, yogurt and skim milk. As an
alternative to ice cream, try frozen yogurt instead.
* To satisfy your hunger, snack on starchy foods like bread, rice potatoes and pasta;
they are healthier if no butter or other spreads are added.
* Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables instead of gorging on chips, cookies, pastries or
fast food products.
* Natural seasonings like herbs and spices are a better alternative to butter and other
dressings to add flavor to your food.
* For dessert, try less fattening angel food cake, gelatin or a fruit salad.
* Drink lots of water to make you feel full longer. Consuming up to 8 ounces of
water and natural fruit juices a day is a healthier option compared to sodas and other
artificially flavored drinks.

Balance: The Solution to Losing Weight Successfully

In every weight loss regimen, balancing a healthy diet and exercise has proven to be
the most successful. Proper diet can lead to calorie loss spread over a reasonable
period of time. This healthy and natural rate of weight loss is easier to maintain long

About The Author

Keith Tennent is a medical researcher and a fitness enthusiast. He has overcome
personal health difficulties and now teaches others to improve their health. His advice
is factual and simple to understand. Whether your interest is in improving your
mental health in things like concentration and memory, or your physical health like
overcoming arthritis or asthma. He has written many other articles which are
available free at
Obesity and even being modestly
overweight can have an adverse
effect on the joints that bear a
persons weight. In particular, it can
increase arthritis pain symptoms.

Studies have proven that the joints of
the hips, knees and ankles carry 3 to
5 times a persons total body weight
during walking. If a person is
overweight, walking adds 3 to 5
pounds of extra weight to each knee.
However, losing 10 pounds can take
off 30 to 50 pounds from the weight
supported by the joints.
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