Fish Oil Hair Benefits - Help Maintain Vibrant Hair With Omega
3 Fish Oil  
by Susan M. Taylor
of dietary deficiencies.

The body needs and uses all three of the fatty acids. ALA, EPA and DHA are
necessary for different reasons. The best choice is to include all three in your diet. If
you are a vegan that will mean eating kelp like wakame to get the EPA and taking a
DHA-rich supplement derived from marine algae.

The omega-3s help to moderate inflammation in the body. When combined with
reduced dietary intake of omega-6s, people see a vast improvement in inflammatory

The compounds are medicinally active, as well. A prescription drug containing DHA
and EPA is used for treating high blood triglycerides or fats in the bloodstream.
Researchers are looking at the benefit of DHA in cancer and Alzheimer's. Numerous
studies have shown there is benefit in depression, anxiety, ADHD, arthritis and other
health issues.

Because of the anti-inflammatory activity, there are fish oil hair loss benefits.
Inflammation plays a role in age-related alopecia or male pattern baldness. Reducing
inflammation helps to reduce the alopecia or hair loss.

One of the first symptoms of essential fatty acid deficiency is hair loss. While a true
deficiency is rare, it may be that you are not getting enough of the fatty acids on a
regular basis. If that's the case, your hair will be fine, brittle, lighter in color and drier.

In addition to the fish oil hair benefits just mentioned, there is also benefit for people
taking drugs that cause alopecia or baldness. For example, during chemotherapy,
most people lose their hair. Studies have shown that taking the supplement during
chemotherapy reduces the incidence of alopecia, although not all doctors are
recommending the supplement, yet.

The number of prescribing doctors is likely to increase as time goes by. Since the
approval of the prescription omega-3 in 2008, more doctors are confident about
suggesting it.

Of course, the prescription drug costs a great deal more than the dietary
supplement. It is unaffordable for the average person, at a cost exceeding $3000 per

The supplements are affordable, at a cost of less than $300 per year, and should
provide the same fish oil hair benefits. The better supplement manufacturers provide
full disclosure concerning the purification methods used and the added ingredients.

So, do a little comparative shopping and start taking a supplement. In addition to
improving your appearance, you may notice an improvement in your overall health.

While the fish oil hair benefits are numerous, the total health benefits are enormous.
Sometimes, it is hard to believe that a single dietary supplement can do so much.

I have found a pure pharmaceutical grade fish oil product that is naturally high in DHA
and EPA and also high in anti-inflammatory properties that comes from the world's
most pristine oceans. See my website for more details of omega 3 fish oil products -
the key to optimal health.

About The Author

Susan M. Taylor is a passionate advocate of preventative health care. She likes
sharing information on her research and educating the public about the numerous
benefits of
.  To learn more about choosing the best fish oil
product on the market today and the one I personally use and recommend to keep
your mind and body young and active visit my website:
The fish oil hair benefits may be
several. The supplement contains
essential fatty acids called
Eicosapentaenoic acid and
Docosahexaenoic acid or EPA and
DHA. It is the only food source of
both of those omega-3s.

Vegans will still argue that the body
can convert alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)
to EPA and DHA, which are
longer-chained polyunsaturated fatty
acids. But, research has proven that
the conversion process is limited,
varies from person to person and is
not sufficient to prevent symptoms
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