5 Ways to Get Faster Results From Your Raw Food Diet
by Frederic Patenaude

But why take years to get those results, when you can get them in months or even
weeks? Here are some of the things that I've found can help you get faster results
from your raw food diet.

1. Incorporate Fitness

It's interesting to note that even though a person may be fit but unhealthy (think of all
the athletes who died of a heart attack!), it's *not* possible to be healthy without
being fit.

Until you reach the point where your body fat is at an optimal level and your fitness
“above average”, you probably won't get all the results you're looking for even with
an ideal diet.

Fit people not only digest better, the entire process of nutrition is improved with
improved fitness. This means assimilation will be better, blood sugar will be more
under control, and much more besides.

To start improving your fitness, you have to identify your areas of weakness and
work on improving these first. We explain how to do this in the Perfect Health
Program and we put it into action in our 30-Day Body Enlightenment System.

2. Address Emotional Issues

Just like fitness, your emotions are an integral part of your nutrition. You've probably
had the experience of hearing a piece of bad news and suddenly losing your appetite.
This shows that emotions are an integral part of how your body processes food. It's
an essential part of your health.

Often people jump into a raw-food diet, hoping that it will help them “clear emotional
problems”, when in fact it puts these problems right in their face and they can't deal
with it!

Let's face the fact that most people eat for emotional reasons, most of the time. It's
really easy to do so with heavily processed or fatty foods, because these foods
literally “drug” us and “numb” our feelings.

With raw foods, it's harder to eat emotionally. That's why you don't see lonely
overweight people eating buckets of apples to “comfort” their feelings. Instead, they
do it with a pint of ice-cream!

Be aware and ready to feel and face your emotions. Equip yourself with whatever
tools are necessary to get over emotional baggage - including self-improvement
seminars, tapes, and group support.

3. Cleanse

One of the best ways to accelerate your health success is to go on some sort of
cleanse, such as the Green Cleanse or the one included in the Body Enlightenment

A cleanse should be easy to do, while giving you results in terms of increased energy,
weight *release* (if necessary), and increased vitality and health.

My favorite cleanses are:

- Green Cleanse: consuming only green smoothies and fruit for 5 to 10 days or longer.

- Fruit Cleanse: consuming only mono meals of fruit for 3 to 7 days or longer.

- Low Fat Cleanse: consuming only fruits and vegetables without any fat (avocados,
oils, etc.) for 3 to 7 days or longer.

While it's possible to do a cleanse on your own, it's best if you have someone to
coach and support you in the process.

4. Find Raw Friends

Feeling alone and isolated can kill your success with the raw diet! It's very important
to find at least one “buddy” who can support and encourage you on this path.

Now with the Internet, it's possible to connect with more people than ever. In our
different programs (such as the Body Enlightenment System), we have seen the value
of offering phone coaching and support, as well as discussion forum support.

Connect with other raw-food enthusiasts using available resources, such as local
potlucks, teleseminars and phone coaching, coaching programs and discussion forums.

5. Get a Coach and a System

Besides lack of social support, the reason why most people don't succeed with a raw-
food program is that they don't have anybody coaching them personally and showing
them a system that works for incorporating all of the different elements of a healthy

Unless you think you can do it on your own, you need someone to show you a
system that works!

No matter what the coach and system you choose for yourself, you have to make
sure that:

- You find a supportive and non-judgmental coaching environment, yet one that
challenges you enough to keep improving.

- You have enough quality tools and easy-to-use systems to make progress with
your health, fitness and diet.

- The support you get is *constant* or *daily*, not just occasional.

- The program or coach you choose has a track record of success and lots of
experience in the field.

Make no mistake about it, you can either take 2 months to put all of the pieces of a
healthy raw lifestyle together, or you can take 2 years or 20 years! Do yourself a
favor and choose the shortest route to success.

About The Author

“Frederic Patenaude, is the author of the book "The Raw Secrets". Sign up for his
weekly "Raw Vegan Tips,” and as a bonus, get your free "raw recipe of the week".
while this bonus is still offered."
When I first learned about the
raw food diet, it took me years
to figure out how to do it
properly. Then it took me even
more years - making mistakes
and compromising my health -
until I started experiencing the
benefits I was looking for from
the start!

Let's face it, if you're going to
bother changing your diet at all,
there's got to be a reason for
doing it. I would bet you want to
improve your health and energy,
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