Founder of The Living Foods Institute Shares Her Methods for
Optimum Health  
by Kevin Gianni
and divide them into the mix blender and turn it on and make myself a smoothie, and
drink it. You know, I love salads and all the different fresh vegetables that go in them.
So, I enjoy that
everyday. I drink a lot of pure filtered water.

Kevin: Yes.

Brenda: I used to hate water, Kevin, but I became a real fan of water when I
realized how important it was to cleanse, and detox, and hydrate the body. And I do
my very best everyday to get out and walk, at least 40 minutes. If I can, I walk a
very comfortable 2 plus miles gently in 40 minutes. And that does me good to get
out in the fresh air in the sunshine and get my body moving. And I stay away from
candy, and dairy, and all that other stuff that I used to eat, processed foods. I don't
really eat that. I used to eat a lot of pasta, and breads, and all that. I don't eat that
stuff anymore. If I do occasionally, maybe have a piece of bread or something, it
makes me feel tired almost immediately and heavy. And I don't like that heavy
feeling. I like the lighter feeling. I have a raw food powder that I take in my smoothie
or my juice each day. And I take E3 Live which is a wonderful algae. That I have
found really helps me. Occasionally I may take some herbs, if I need a boost, you
know. Maybe a boost for my immune system if I'm working, working, working, and I
start feeling tired just because I've overworked. You know, workaholics like me
sometimes still need to rest.

Kevin: Now, now, you just led me into it. It's just a great question here. You're
workaholic, how do you manage to sit down and relax? And how often does it come?

Brenda: You know what, I force myself everyday. One of the things I do is I make
myself push away from that computer, get out and put on my walking shoes, and go
outside. I am fortunate in that I live next to a big beautiful park. I go over there and I
walk. I look at the dogs playing and I breathe the fresh air and I'll walk by the lake.
Sometimes I'll put on my iPod and I'll listen to some motivating music. Sometimes I
might listen to a motivating tape or CD. Other times, I don't want to listen to
anything. I
just want to hear the birds singing out there. And so, I make myself do that.

Kevin: What is that ... you've gone through all this and now you're on a fantastic
tradition, what do the next 10 years look like?

Brenda: Next 10 years for me look like continuing to spread the word globally. I do
a lot of traveling now in the States and abroad, and going out and teaching people
about this way of living, and eating, and thinking, and being, and writing more books.
I've written nine books over my nine years, and I'm working on a book now about
emotional healing because I really do believe that that is such the core of helping
people to heal.

I do a lot of radio now, other people shows. I love doing television and spreading the
word in that way. I see myself continuing to paint and becoming involved. I volunteer
and do things for my community, and I see myself doing more, enjoying more
traveling not only in helping people to heal but for my own healing and spiritual
growth, and just enjoying every moment. Because I realized that I'm not promised
tomorrow and I don't know if I'm even going to be alive tomorrow but I need to get
the most out of this very moment right now while we're talking is never going to
come again, that this is a fleeting time.

I want to get the most joy out of being here while I'm here. I want to educate more
people that I know that when I leave the planet that they will carry the work on. It
doesn't matter if Brenda Cobb is physically in a human body in the earth teaching. I
hope to have thousands of people that have learned through my program and that
they're going to continue teaching others, so that the work can keep going on long
after I leave the planet because I think it's viable now and it's going to become more
and more viable as we go into the future, because right now the population is thicker
than they've ever been. I want to do my part and empower other people to do their
part to help bring a healing back, and I think that helps bring peace and love to the
planet too. Not just where people get well but relationships heal, global relationships.

Kevin: When do you think that this information becomes a mainstream but when do
you think that people accept this as a feasible, viable way to heal themselves?

Brenda: I have seen a lot of improvement over nine years. Nine years ago when I
began talking about raw and living foods, people looked at me like I was totally ... I
had flipped. They had no idea what I was even talking about. I had even to explain
what a raw food was. Now though, I am finding that more as I talked to people, I will
hear people say, "Oh, I've heard of this." So more people are becoming aware than
used to be. Now I hope I'm still on the planet when it becomes mainstream. I would
love to see within the next five years that everybody thinks about doing this first and
not doing drugs, surgeries, and all that kind of thing. Of course, I will be ecstatic if it
happens within 10 years. I think that there is going to come a time, Kevin, that
people look back in history and they look at this period of time as being very barbaric
before we got back to original laws of nature. I think people are going to look back
and say, "Do you know that people back in the 1940's and 1950's, and 1970's and
1980's, and 1990's and 2000, were putting poisons in their body? They were cutting
out body parts that they have a problem with thinking that was going to fix the
problem. I do think everyone is going to recognize that everything is energy. That
energy healing is going to become more and more mainstream. That people are
going to come back to that original laws of nature and God that are there to support
the body to heal itself, can't exactly say when that timeline is going to be, but I
believe it is moving quicker than ever in that direction.

Kevin: What can you say to someone who has listened to this call who is sick?
What's the first step?

Brenda: Well, the first step is wanting to do better, deciding that you're not going to
accept sick as your reality. That you're not going to give that power. You're not
going to be telling everybody about how sick you are and that you're doomed. You
take the approach of - "No, I'm going to investigate, I'm going to study, I'm going to
research, I'm going to find out how I can help myself to be better because I want to
be healed. And I'm going to focus everything on becoming well totally." Get
somewhere that you can get the knowledge and the training that you need wherever
that is, whether it be at my center or some other center that you find. Learn about
the living foods way. Try it for yourself. Put yourself on it for 30 days. See the
difference that it makes in yourself. Many, many, many years. Don't give up. Go
after being well and a quality of life is more important than quantity even, but
certainly let's get some quality and some quantity going hand in hand. Where there's
a will, there's a way.


About The Author

Kevin Gianni the host of "" - a fun and informative daily health
show that is changing the perception of health across the world. His is an
internationally known health advocate, author, and film consultant. He has helped
thousands and thousands of people in over 21 countries though online health
teleseminars on
. He is also the creator and co-author of " ".
Kevin: What do you do now on a
daily basis that keeps you at your
health? Your optimal health that you
are at now?

Brenda: Well, I do my very best to
eat as much as possible - organic.
Now there are some times when I
travel that, maybe I'm eating out and
I'm not able to get organic, but I
always try my best to do that. I like
to juice and so I do some juicing. I
like green juices because they feel
really cleansing but I do a lot of
blending where I will just throw some
vegetables, and fruits, and sprouts,
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