Green rooibos is a newly-developed herbal tea made from the same plant, but using a
processing method similar to and inspired by the production processes used for green
tea. To produce green rooibos, the leaf and stems of the plant are heated, which
breaks down the enyzmes that cause the plant to oxidize when exposed to air. The
green color of the leaf is thus preserved. However, unlike green tea, when green
rooibos is brewed in water, it still produces a reddish or dark amber-orange infusion.

How does green rooibos taste?

The green form of rooibos is definitely recognizable as rooibos. Red rooibos tends to
have a more strongly earthy aroma, sometimes with fruity tones. The green variety,
on the other hand, has a lighter flavor, less of the earthy tones, and is more grassy,
similar to green tea.

Is green rooibos healthier than red rooibos?

Rooibos has received a great deal of attention due to its purported health benefits and
medicinal uses. Rooibos is traditionally used to respiratory ailments and allergies.
Although some of these uses have not been supported by scientific studies, there is
some evidence that rooibos can be used to effectively treat asthma and other
respiratory conditions. There is also some evidence that rooibos has generally positive
effects on the immune system.

Green tea is widely perceived as being healthier than black tea or other forms of tea,
even though there is not much solid evidence to support this idea. Because of this
public perception, a lot of people assume that green rooibos is likely to carry more
potent health benefits than red rooibos.

There have been a few studies comparing green and red rooibos side-by-side. A few
studies have compared the antioxidant activities of these two beverages, and found
conflicting results, with green emerging as the leader by some measures, and red
rooibos performing better under others. Studies have also compared both forms of
rooibos to green tea and other teas, and again, found conflicting results. In the
absence of solid data, it makes sense to drink whichever form of rooibos tastes most
pleasing to you.

Where can I buy green rooibos?

Partly because it is a relatively new invention, and its production quantity is small,
green rooibos is much less widely available than red rooibos. The green variety can,
however, be purchased from a number of specialty tea importers and herb
companies. There are even a few mainstream tea companies, including Numi Tea,
which now offer green rooibos in tea bag form.

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and read reviews of different companies' offerings of rooibos.
Green Rooibos - Rooibos Processed Like Green Tea
by Alex Zorach
What is green rooibos?

Rooibos is a plant native to a
certain region in South Africa.
Rooibos is normally used to
produce a caffeine-free herbal
tea called red tea, rooibos tea, or
just rooibos. Red tea is produced
by allowing the rooibos leaf to
oxidize after it is harvested, in a
process very similar to the one
used to produce black tea from
the tea plant. This is the
traditional method by which
rooibos is prepared.
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