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    Green Tea Benefit – Prevents Cancer

    Green Tea Benefit – Prevents Cancer

    Cancer is always a serious topic. All people want to prevent it. Are there effective method? The fact is that it’s one of Green tea benefits.

    Why does green tea prevent cancer?,

    Green tea actually prevents cancer. It contains a compound call epigallocatechingallate (EGCG). It inhibits the growth cancer cells by binding with enzyme, called dihydrofolate reductase. Scientists also research the structure of EGCG and found that it is very similar to a methotrexate, which is a cancer drug. The research result shows how EGCG slow or kills cancer cells, just the same as drugs do.

    Any Evidence for Anti – Cancer Ability of Green Tea?

    Purdue University researchers Dorothy Morre and D. James Morre found EGCG in 1998. Their research results were presented at the 38th annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in San Francisco. The results showed green tea are rich in EGCG. The concentrations are high enough to induce anti-cancer effects and inhabit growth of cancer growth in the body. She also suggested drinking green tea more than four cups a day. It could provide enough of the active compound to inhabit growth of cancer cells.

    In 2003, graduate student Christine Palermo and adviser Thomas Gasiewicz, Ph.D did another experiment to prove anti-cancer ability green tea. This experiment is a little complicated. They measure the effects of the aryl hydrocarbon (AH) receptor which is a molecule that frequently is harmful to body. They isolated the chemicals of green tea to test. Finally, they found two substances in green tea can inhabit AH activity, which are epigallocatechingallate (EGCG) and epigallocatechin (EGC).

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