and has its own standing in well being and health.

Tea can be consumed in a variety of ways. I like my black tea with milk and sugar.
And then there is green tea, white tea and oolong tea which I usually take without any
additives. How I consume my tea usually depends on the type of tea.

The chemical make-up of tea varies as well. However, despite these variations, one
study has shown that steeping green or black tea for about five minutes releases
over 80% of its catechins.

Studies have also shown that milk does neutralize some of the benefits, so keep that
in mind.

A quick summary of Tea 101

What distinguishes the different teas?

Tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant. The teas are categorized
according to their oxidation levels (also known as fermentation).

Green Tea is steamed, baked or pan fried to prevent oxidation and therefore the
leaves remain green. Green Tea contains the powerful antioxidant epigallocatechin
gallate (EGCG).

Black Tea is fully oxidized and the oxidation process changes the colour of the leaves
from green to brown. The fermentation process used to make black tea converts
EGCG into theaflavins and thearubigens. These compounds contribute not only to the
dark color and distinct rich and robust flavours associated with black tea but they also
play a part in the health benefits of tea.

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Tea is packed with antioxidants which prevents free radical damage
that leads to numerous diseases. The antioxidant potential in tea has been found to
be significantly higher than that of grape juice and red wine which would explain the
studies around the health benefits of drinking tea.

Heart and Stroke: A study done at the American Heart Association in New Orleans
found that tea drinkers have a lower risk of heart attack and stroke. Black Tea
relaxes and expands arteries which results in increased blood flow to the heart.

Tea contains high amounts of flavonoids, which are potent antioxidants. These
antioxidants are good for the heart. They lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise
good cholesterol (HDL).

Teeth: Tea leaves contain fluoride. Studies have shown that people who drink tea
may have fewer cavities. Fluoride also strengthens tooth enamel, thereby helping to
prevent tooth decay.

Diabetes: A study on rats found that tea decreased glucose levels, which in turn
affects other ensuing diabetic complications like cataracts. The study showed that five
cups of tea per day for a human significantly inhibited cataract formation compared to
a control group which did not get tea.

Verdict on the Green Tea vs Black Tea Debate

The debate will continue and everyone will have an opinion as more studies and data
is collected. My standing on this is if you enjoy the black brew, drink it, bask in it and
know that there are many health benefits of black tea.

About The Author

Balbir Kaur has a passion for tea and all this magical brew has to offer. To look at the
Health Benefits of Green Tea, please visit my website at
Health Benefits of Black Tea Vs Green Tea
by Balbir Kaur
With all the attention that Green
Tea is garnering and now White
Tea as a close second
competitor, lovers of good old
fashion black tea may wonder
where their favourite brew
stands among the pack of
healthy teas.

Green tea is more widely studied
and there is a lot of data out
there supporting the benefits of
green tea. However, black tea
lovers, do not despair. Studies
have shown that the black brew
is also steeped in health benefits
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