Healthy Benefits Linked to Elderberry Lozenges
by Chris A. Harmen
there is a danger if the berry is eaten when unripe since it can contain cyanide.

Long recognized as a remedy for what ails you, there's now scientific evidence to
back up the claims. The first human clinical trial in the 1990s found that when used as
a flu remedy, elderberry extract significantly reduces symptoms by approximately 50
percent when compared to placebo groups. In a 2004 study, the results were similar.
Elderberry fruit is rich in phenolic and polyphenolic compounds that provide health
benefits through antioxidant and immune functions that contribute to immune health.
Eating the fruit doesn't pack quite the immunity punch as the extract however, since
the elderberry extract has a higher concentration of the elderberry's beneficial

The Science Behind Elderberry Extract

Elderberry extract works at a cellular level. Not only is it a good source of
flavonoids--antioxidants that stimulate the immune system, but it also works as an
anti-inflammatory agent that reduces pain and fever. Elderberry also provides
quercetin and anthocyanins, both of which also have significant anti-inflammatory
and antioxidant properties and can activate immune cells to assist the body in fighting
off viruses. These powerful anti-viral berries are also a source of components known
as lectins, which have been shown in laboratory tests to stop replication of many
different strains of influenza.

In one European study, people who were given elderberry extract exhibited a greater
antibody response to the influenza virus than those who did not receive it. The study
also showed that elderberry extract stimulated the immune system to produce
infection and disease-fighting proteins. Researchers hope this information will prove
beneficial in the future in the treatment of other diseases, such as AIDS and cancer.

Powerful Flu Fighter And Cholesterol Reducer

The anti-viral properties of elderberry extract work as an excellent flu remedy.
Studies show that it not only helps ward of the virus at a cellular level, but elderberry
extract also shortens the course of the flu significantly, with up to 90 percent of
people experiencing almost complete recovery within three days. More significantly,
symptoms were eased without serious side effects. It is believed that elderberry
extract inhibits an enzyme known as neuraminidase, a protein that promotes the
spread of the flu virus within the body.

Other studies have been done to explore elderberry's effect on other conditions. A
study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that
elderberry extract modestly lowered cholesterol levels. The initial effect is believed to
be due to the presence of cynidine glucosides in elderberry fruit. Cynidine glucosides
have known antioxidant and radical-scavenging effects that might protect cells from
oxidative damage, thereby reducing the risk of high cholesterol and its contribution to
certain cardiovascular diseases.

How To Get The Benefits--Elderberry Lozenges

Since eating the berries and drinking the fruit don't have the same concentrated
effect as the fruit's extract, products that contain elderberry extract are the best way
to glean the benefits. Elderberry lozenges provide a safe and rapid ingestion method
to provide the human immune system with anti-viral properties that prevent
influenza by attaching, or binding, to the influenza virus, rending it incapable of
attaching to a host cell, thereby preventing infection.

About The Author

Chris Harmen is a writer for Respiratory Guard . Elderberry
extract boosts the immune system and blocks the attack of viruses and is an
all-natural, safe flu remedy [].
For centuries, different cultures have
used elderberries as a food source.
The elderberry is a shrub or small tree
native to the temperate regions of
the Northern and Southern
Hemispheres. Berries from the shrub
range from black to grayish green. In
some countries, it is often added to
flavor syrups, wines, cordials and
marmalades. Elderberry has also
been used for therapeutic and
nutritional purposes. Elixirs made with
elderberry fruit have long been used
to treat upper respiratory problems,
mitigating the severity of symptoms.
Like several other fruits and berries,
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