How Does Stress Affect Health? High Blood Pressure
by Rick H. Carter
In making such preparation, your body floods itself with various hormones and
chemicals, including adrenaline. Your mind focuses on the threat, and ignores other
things going on. Your stomach floods itself with acid, to better get energy quickly
from undigested food. And your heart raises your blood pressure, so that you can
react if the threat escalates. If you stay in this state for a long time, you may suffer
high blood pressure symptoms.

All of this happens unconsciously. Your stress management techniques are your
conscious attempt to regulate your body's stress reaction. To make sure it's
working, you need to know how the bad health effects of stress are manifested,
including high blood pressure symptoms.

Blood pressure is the force with which your blood is flowing through your veins and
arteries. It is expressed as the ratio of your systolic (when the heart beats, or pumps
blood) pressure and your diastolic (when the heart is between beats) pressure. Your
body raises these numbers when under stress, to ensure that blood is flowing to all
the parts of your body that need to react to the stressful situation.

High blood pressure rarely has symptoms other than higher pressure numbers. By
the time you see these symptoms, you could be in serious physiological trouble.
Symptoms of high blood pressure may include:

1. The above numbers are elevated. You can measure and track your pressure
numbers at home using a sphygmomanometer, available lat your local drugstore or
2. Blurred vision or eye pain. Unfortunately, you may have suffered a lot of damage
by the time you see these symptoms.
3. Drowsiness or confusion.
4. Headache.
5. Chest pain.

You should be checking your blood pressure regularly, either at home or at your
doctor's office. Also, if you have any of the above symptoms, you should see a
doctor (since this article is not medical advice). High blood pressure can also be
caused by factors completely unrelated to stress.

If your high blood pressure is caused by stress, however, then you have several
options. You can moderate your internal reaction to stress. This can be by practicing
meditation, learning relaxation techniques, or visualizing non-stressful situations. You
can eliminate the stressor by attacking and solving the stressful situation. Or you can
use either natural or medicinal aids to lower your pressure physiologically.

Since high blood pressure symptoms don't usually appear until your body has been
damaged, it is best to monitor your blood pressure if you are under stress. And
maybe the best management stress mechanism is to combine internal techniques, to
lessen your body's reaction to stress, with eternal methods of attacking and
eliminating the stress. Always check with your doctor if high blood pressure is a

About The Author

Rick H. Carter

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Stress affects your health because
your body and mind kick in the "fight
or flight" reaction. See, stress is
something that disturbs your world.
Sometimes it is a positive thing, like
graduating from college. But most
often, when people talk about stress,
they are referring to something
negative: deadlines at work, test
anxiety, fear of job loss. You perceive
these negative things as a threat, and
you react unconsciously by preparing
to "fight" the threat or take "flight"
from it. And it is this reaction that
needs management stress focused.
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