How to Set Up a Recycling Station in Your Home
by Herb Leibacher
the recycling yourself, yet, what you will be doing by setting up a recycling station in
your home is getting all your recyclables ready to go to be recycled. This is a great
idea to take advantage of even if you are already recycling.

Now setting up a recycling station is very easy to do. All you need are four different
bins or totes, some masking tape, a marker, four pieces of paper, and a place to put
these four bins.

What you do is take the marker and writer on the paper: paper, plastic, aluminum,
and glass. Then, you take the masking tape and tape the paper with the writing on it
to each one of the totes or bins that you purchased. After that, you simply put the
aluminum bins in your garage or apartment and throw the coordinating recyclable
into its appropriate bin. For instance, if you have paper in your hand, you throw it
into the paper bin or if you're throwing away a soda can, then you throw the can in
the aluminum bin.

By separating your recyclables, it's easier to recycle everything in your house and
have it ready to go for the place that picks up and recycles your recyclables. This
holds true even if you live in a community that has single stream recycling because it
still allows you to be organized and on top of your recycling.

You can even make money off of your recycling if there is a place in your community
where you can return aluminum cans for money.

There are other ways to recycle in your home as well. For instance, you can make a
compost pile in your backyard and use that compost to fertilize a garden. Or, you
could even make arts and crafts out of different recycled items like glass containers
and aluminum cans.

In the end, we all just need to do our part to help out our environment and one way
to do that is by setting up a recycling station in your house. If you follow the above
steps, you can have yours in place in no time.

About The Author

Herb Leibacher

Herb likes to do his part to maintain our environment. Please check out his website
with information on
selections and details on options.
When it comes to our environment,
we all have to do our part to help
take care of it. On the home front,
this means that we need to recycle.

This may seem like something that
everyone should know about and
participate in, but, that's really not
the case because most people still
aren't recycling. So, if you do recycle,
great! if you don't, then it's time for
you to start. One easy way to get
organized is by setting up a recycling
station right in your home.

Okay, so you won't actually be doing
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