How to Spot High Cholesterol Symptoms
by Joe Dungait
and trans fats that there are in your diet. The most common cause of saturated fats
are red meats and dairy products and while cutting down on these will be helpful it is
cutting down on the trans-fats that is probably more important. Trans fats are
normally found in fast foods and also processed and prepared meals, and although
there are less of them in the marketplace now they are still fairly common. The thing
to look for to find out if the food you are going to buy contains trans fats is to see if
it says on the label that it contains hydrogenated or part - hydrogenated oils.

Lack of exercise also plays a key factor in high cholesterol, and experts are now
telling us that regular exercise is essential to keeping our cholesterol levels correct.
But when you see the word exercise it does not mean taking out a gym membership
and going absolutely crazy, because something else that is being found out is that it
is not the intensity that is the key but the duration. Therefore you want to be looking
at around about 30 minutes exercise approximately 5 times a week. These exercises
as I have all ready said do not have to be anything too strenuous it can be
something as simple as brisk walking or swimming.

Taking these two simple steps is a great way to start reducing your cholesterol
because although there are no specific high cholesterol symptoms, a great indicator
that your cholesterol levels may be too high is if you are overweight, not taking any
exercise and are eating a lot of ready meals or take away food. Your best bet though
to find out what your cholesterol levels are is to get them checked by a
doctor,however if your doctor says that you do have high cholesterol and suggests
you get started on statins please think twice before agreeing because once you are
on them then you on them for life, and statins are not without their side effects
either, some of which are pretty serious. If your doctor does recommend statins
perhaps you may want to do some research first to see if there any natural
alternatives that you would feel comfortable using.

About The Author

If you'd like to find out more about high cholesterol symptoms
[] and also natural alternatives to statins please
visit my website I discuss this in more detail. You can find the site by going to
[] high cholesterol symptoms.
Spotting high cholesterol symptoms
is easier said than done. The reason
for this is because there are virtually
no symptoms until it is too late.
Having high cholesterol in itself is not
necessarily a bad thing as your body
needs cholesterol to function
properly, however it is the the bad
cholesterol (LDL) you need to watch
as this can lead to coronary heart
disease. So this being the case what
can we do to keep our bad
cholesterol in check?

One of the first things is you can do is
reduce the amount of saturated fat
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