Industrial Hemp Will Help Save the Environment
by Bob Randooke
popular non-conformist fashion statements out there today and the benefits of
industrial hemp are many.

Industrial hemp has been used for many many years for things like textiles and for
plastics that are biodegradable, . But it is also used as part of a good diet. One kind
of industrial hemp is called feral hemp.

Feral hemp is usually used as a natural fiber and has many health benefits to the
body while it is also self seeding . The biggest hemp producers in the world today are
countries like Canada and China. Even France has been known to be a major
producer here, while the United States still doesn't distinguish between marijuana and
industrial hemp so they continue to ban even industrial hemp, even though
importation of hemp to the United States is much more than to any other industrial

Did you also know that a major science magazine in the United States about 70
years ago was touting hemp as the new mega billion dollar moneymaker crop.
Industrial hemp can be used to produce more than 20,000 different products and
most of these products can replace products that are currently on the market today
without the harmful effects to our health and to the environment that our current
commercial products have in them.

Most people today think that the Egyptians discovered paper back before the time of
Christ but they are mistaken. The Egyptian papyrus sheets are not made out of
paper but of special strands of fiber that are interwoven together. Another little
known fact is that the oldest known paper that we currently have preserved today is
from the country of China and it dates back to over 2000 years ago, and guess what
material was used to make this paper? Correct again, it was made from a fiber that
was made from hemp, so you see if the Egyptians, who were one of the most
advanced civilizations of their time used paper hemp then why can't we as the most
industrial country in the world use it also?

Another major use for industrial hemp is called a specialty pulp. Specialty pulp is one
of the core products used in the European Union and is only expected to grow in that
market for a long time and is used for many specialty products such as the paper
that is used to rollup cigarettes. Other uses for specialty pulp are things like
banknotes which we can also use here to replace the current paper that we use in
our banks. It is also used in Europe for products that have to do with hygiene.

As you can see by the information I have supplied you industrial hemp has many
benefits and very few negatives especially when it comes to the environment, so if
you are looking to make a statement that its Bio friendly to the earth think about
industrial hemp.

About The Author

Bob Randooke has written many articles on and many other environmentally
friendly products.
Have you ever wanted to make a
statement in your life about a cause
that was important to you? Well
everyone has a different way to
stand out for a worthy cause in
society but one of the most
important things in our society and in
the world today is our environment
and what better way to make a
statement about the environment
then in the clothing that you wear.
Little do people know that industrial
hemp is one of the most
environmentally friendly materials out
there today. Hemp clothing has
steadily become one of the most
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