Kefir Health Benefits - The Complete Body Booster
by Tyler S. Green
saying "health is wealth" to heart because they guard their supply of kefir grains with
their lives. And because you only need a batch of kefir grains to last you a lifetime,
there is no need to replenish your supply as fermented kefir grains keep on

The word "kefir" is the most appropriate word to describe the miracle grain.
Originating from the Turkish word kief-which means good feeling, the kefir health
benefits will surely make you feel good inside and out. Kefir naturally has antibiotic
and antifungal properties that treat familiar as well as rare diseases. It is unimaginable
that something so simple-looking could be a weapon against sickness. From head to
foot, not even sparing your brain from its benefits, kefir truly is the miracle cure.

Despite these properties, taking kefir has no side effects. Because of the active good
bacteria and beneficial yeast, they can quickly destroy the destructive elements by
quickly propagating. It also strengthens one's immune system and is a natural
strength-booster so there's no need for you too spend too much on health
supplements and energy drinks.

Most of the kefir health benefits could be credited to the mixture of calcium found
from milk. The nutrients from the milk heighten the already strong effects of kefir
itself. Drinking milk kefir nourishes your hair, treats gum diseases and strengthens
your bones. Kefir prevents bone diseases such as osteoporosis. So if you're worried
about your crackling bones, make sure to try this wonder food and see the
difference in a week's span.

Kefir health benefits include taking care of your skin. Including kefir in your diet
prevents acne, psoriasis and even wrinkles. Being a natural anti-oxidant, kefir keeps
you young-looking and makes your skin glow with health.

Nothing spells beautiful more than being healthy and natural-looking. Just by taking
your daily dose of kefir, you are keeping yourself away from those useless skin
products that can sometimes damage your skin more.

Another one of the kefir health benefits is its brain-enhancement capability. As natural
brain-food, kefir helps you break free from stress. While pumping up your brain, kefir
also develops the usual functions of your brain such as reflexes, memory-retention
and even your focus. This benefit works hand in hand with the five senses and leads
you to be at your best. Kefir also helps cure depression, anxiety, and even the
attention-related disorders. So if you want your mind to be in its optimal capability,
drink your kefir daily.

If you're worrying about your digestion and metabolism, there's no need to worry.
One of the kefir health benefits includes improving your digestion. If you're
constipated, regular intake of kefir cleanses your intestines and your stomach
normalizing your bowel movements.

To weight-loss seekers, having kefir as part of your diet could make you shave
unwanted weight faster. Because kefir has probiotics, it speeds up the your body's
metabolism letting your body burn more fats and calories even if you're only
spending your normal workout time. No more need to take dangerous weight-loss
pills that could cause harmful side-effects. Just take kefir and in no time, your body
will surely be fab!

To those who are worried about their heart's health, kefir is also the solution. Kefir
clears your blood vessels and regulates your blood pressure. When you drink kefir,
you are not only equipping your immune system but also keeping your heart healthy.

Your lungs are not spared from the kefir health benefits. Taking kefir daily prevents
respiratory diseases from the most common up to the complicated ones like
tuberculosis. It also helps treat asthma and bronchitis.

If you are one of those people who have a busy lifestyle, these kefir health benefits
are for you. Kefir is a natural stress-buster. Having cold a cold milk kefir or water
kefir drink not only refreshes you but also detoxifies your body. Its natural properties
are even better than the benefits boasted by certain kinds of teas. If you are an
insomniac, you should also take kefir to assure you of a good night's rest free of
worries and anxiety. Enjoying your cold, soothing kefir is the key for your body to be
at peace.

Kefir is considered to be the mysterious key to one's good health. Kefir health
benefits provide holistic defense for the body. In these modern times, most of us
lead busy and stressful lives. There are many ways to live healthy but some are
offering complicated ways to stay that way. However, with the simplicity of kefir, the
only thing needed is to culture the grains and take it regularly like how you drink your
milk or your coffee. It's that simple. No need for measuring your food or taking
mysterious "organic" medicines. Rediscovering this age-old secret helps us adapt to
our current lifestyles while assuring us and our loved ones of wellbeing.

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Tyler S. Green

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The miraculous health grain known as
kombucha, tibicos, and kifir in
different parts of the world is slowly
being rediscovered. Kefir-as most
people know the white, grainy matrix
of lipids, yeast, and bacteria- is the
secret key to good health. The kefir
health benefits include not only taking
care of your insides but also your
body's external parts.

Known to have originated from the
Caucasus region, people have
believed that "possessing" kefir grains
are a sign of wealth. People during
those times must have taken the
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