Knowing Organic Products
by Rubel Zaman
grown using regular methods of farming and agriculture are referred to as
"conventional products." Most times you may not be aware of the differences
between conventional and organic food products. As a consumer you may see no
difference at all. However, it helps to be aware and understand the benefits of
including organic products in your diet as well as lifestyle.

Organic food items include dairy products, meat, vegetables, fruits, and others.
Organic farming helps the soil to maintain its natural balance and also reduces
pollution. Organic farmers don't make use of chemicals to maintain their crops or
prevent diseases. This type of farming makes use of natural fertilizers and advanced
crop rotation to handle weeds. Instead of using antibiotics and growth hormones,
organic farming resorts to other alternate eco-friendly solutions such as providing
clean, hygienic surroundings and balanced diet for animals.

Organic products need not only be related to food. You could lead an organic lifestyle
by using organic beauty and skin care products, wearing organic clothing and
beautifying your home with numerous organic lifestyle products. It is indeed
becoming a popular trend to live an eco-friendly life and support the environment in
every small and possible way.

Women all over the world are more than happy to use organic beauty products that
are good to their skin and make them look naturally beautifully. Over the years the
harmful effects of chemical based make up products have been much highlighted with
more and more women turning to eco-friendly options. Make up products that use
chemical synthetics are harmful for the skin and some of these are even known to
contain lead that could cause serious health problems. If you are looking at
beautifying your skin and hair, choosing organic beauty products is the best way to

Similar to organic food and organic beauty products, organic clothing too is gaining
increasing popularity with eco-conscious people around the world. Moreover, such
clothing is ideal for a hot summer day. Imagine yourself strolling out into the sun with
a natural, organic cotton shirt. Organic products are rightly produced to make your
life more comfortable and prevent pollution and environmental decay.

Organic products need to follow stringent government rules and regulation before
they can be made available to consumers. These products need to meet a specific
standard as stated by the government to maintain optimal quality. As a smart
consumer, you can read the label that comes with every organic product. Depending
on the quantity of organic ingredients used, these products would be classified as
either being 100, 95 or 70 per cent organic.

About The Author

Rubel Zaman

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Modern agriculture and farming
methods involve the use of chemicals
to increase productivity of food
products. Such methods of food
production have been criticized for
the negative impact they leave on the
environment as well as on the food
products themselves. What we have
now is a growing eco-friendly trend
known as organic farming, and this is
what brings us organic food products.

Organic food products are grown
without any chemicals that could
include pesticides, herbicides, and
insecticides. Food products that are
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