Natural Cold and Flu Alternatives
by Francis R Bradford
Influenza C has not been linked with extensive outbreaks and only causes mild
disease, however influenza A and B cause epidemics almost each year.

The swine flu is considered an influenza A virus which is the most severe.

Even though they share several similar symptoms, the flu which is a respiratory
illness caused by the influenza virus is different from a cold.

Colds are:

* Caused by a different virus
* Usually have milder symptoms
* Are less likely to cause severe complications

What Influenza Does

After entering the body the influenza virus makes its way into the respiratory tract
where it binds to the surface of cells, opens and discharges its genetic information
RNA into the cells nucleus where the cells genetic information DNA and RNA is stored.

The virus than replicates itself and takes over the functions of the cell. The
reproduction of the virus moves to the cell membrane causing the cells eventual
death which releases the replicated virus into the body where they go on to infect
other cells.
Symptoms of the Flu

Although symptoms from various strains of the flu may vary, they are very similar to
the symptoms of the common cold which include:

* Muscle pains
* Sweats
* Headache
* Sore throat
* Fatigue
* Chills
* Coughing
* Fever
* Nausea
* Vomiting

Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

- a natural herb known for enhancing the immune system, its antiviral and
antioxidant properties make it popular for treating the common cold and flu. There is
some clinical evidence that echinacea can diminish the symptoms of the common
cold or flu however only if you have been taking it for at least a week or more before
you get the cold or flu virus. You should be aware however that you have to stop
taking this herbal remedy every so often because its effectiveness wears off if taken
all the time.

Astragalus - a plant native to Asia is a natural remedy commonly used in China for
enhancing the immune system. It is traditionally used as an energy tonic but is
popular for treating common colds, respiratory infections and the flu.
The root which is the part of the plant used medicinally is yellow and is considered to
be one of the most vital herbs in customary Chinese medicine.

Vitamin D3 - this vitamin which is absorbed by the body better than vitamins D or
D2 may be the most important vitamin for fighting the swine flu. Researchers have
reported that vitamin D3 just might help thwart a cytokine storm.

cytokine storm is when the body identifies foreign microorganisms representing
an infection and reacts by over protecting the infected area. The body rushes so
many antibodies to the infection site that they collect in a cytokine storm.
When the virus resides in the lungs, a cytokine storm can virtually block the airway
resulting in suffocation.

Vitamin D3 also plays an important role for aiding the immune system to fight
microorganisms such as the swine flu. A number of experts believe that many people
are more susceptible to the flu during winter months because of a lack of sunlight
which is how we naturally get vitamin D. The shorter winter days equal to less
sunlight which prevents the skin from producing sufficient levels of vitamin D3.

Although Vitamin D3 is not a cure for influenza, it is thought to be a major weapon in
the fight against influenza and the common cold. It is also absorbed by the body
better than vitamins D or D2.

Water - drinking plenty of fresh water will help avoid dehydration which can result in
the mucous membranes to shrink around your:

* Eyes
* Mouth
* Nose

This enhances the possibility of microorganisms getting through these barriers.
Rest - since getting plenty of rest helps boost the immune system, you should be
sure to get plenty of it.

See a Doctor

Because of the severity of the H1N1 swine flu virus, if you experience flu like
symptoms that are severe and persistent, you should seek medical attention.

About The Author

Francis R Bradford

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What is the Flu?

The flu is an airborne virus that is
very dangerous because of its ability
to change slightly when it copies
itself. Every so often the flu virus
changes dramatically and causes a flu

There are three major types of
influenza viruses:

* Influenza A
* Influenza B
* Influenza C
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