Natural Remedies For High Cholesterol - Reduce Cholesterol
Without Medications!  
by Gregg Podsakoff
cardiovascular system. Also, quit eating fatty fried foods, such as french fries, fried
chicken, etc. These fried foods are filled with trans saturated fats (the worst fats) and
will directly increase cholesterol levels. By making these changes it will reduce the
amount of plaque buildup you have in your bloodstream. The less plaque there is, the
lower the chance of it building up in the artery walls and causing a heart attack.

Along with eliminating unhealthy foods, it is important to increase your daily intake of
fruits and vegetables. These types of natural foods provide a number of fantastic
benefits for heart health. First off, they provide roughage in digestion. This helps the
digestive system operate at an optimal level. Since all food goes through the
digestive system, this is the first line of defense against high cholesterol. In addition
to this, fruits and veggies a full of vitamins and minerals such as E, A, and C, as well
as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and more that are important to keeping your
cardio system healthy.

Don't forget to add a regular exercise routine. It is extremely important to engage in
at least one cardiovascular type exercise such as swimming, running, or elliptical
machine training. Studies have shown that even just increasing your heart rate for
15-20 minutes at a time, 3-5 times a week can dramatically improve cholesterol and
blood pressure issues.

Supplements for High Cholesterol:

In addition to proper eating and exercise, there are several herbal supplements that
are particularly good at improving heart health. Alfalfa has a high concentration of
vitamins and minerals, and it will actually increase absorption of nutrients from other
fruits and veggies more effectively.

Another great herb for cholesterol is parsley! Parsley actually has 300% more
vitamin C than citrus fruits, and it has plenty of calcium, iron, and potassium. All of
which are important for cardio health.

One of the best herbs for heart health and lower cholesterol comes from the sea.
Kelp is a crucial herb for heart health if you want to go the all organic way. It has
loads of B vitamins, as well as the standard minerals for a healthy circulatory system.
But kelp has additional benefits in regulating the thyroid. This increases the benefit of
kelp because it may increase your bodies metabolism, and therefore burn fat and
increase energy. And we all know weight loss and energy increase are hallmarks of a
healthy cardiovascular system.

About The Author

Gregg Podsakoff, is the editor of -
Scientifically Researched Herbal Remedies - Find out which herbs are proven to cure,
which ones fail to cure, and which ones can be downright dangerous.
There are a variety of natural
remedies for high cholesterol. First of
all, the most important thing to
understand about high cholesterol is it
can generally be managed by healthy
eating habits, and regular exercise. In
fact, changing ones diet and starting
a regular exercise program is the best
ways to reduce the future onset of
heart disease and related conditions.

First of all, consider eliminating as
many simple sugars and starches as
possible. These cause spikes and
sudden drops in blood sugar, and this
can contribute to an unhealthy
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