Obesity Health Risk - Heart Disease, Diabetes, and High Blood
by Selva Sugunendran

Enhanced Risks Of Premature Death

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, estimates that an
average of 300,000 plus Americans die each year from obesity-related
complications. The CDC also adds that even a moderate weight gain is good enough
to increase the risk of death, especially among people aged between 30 to 64 years
old. A new study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has concluded
that obesity kills roughly 112,000 individuals each year, which is quite lower than the
CDC estimate.

Increased Stroke and Heart Disease Risks

The study made by the US CDC has also concluded that obesity increases your
chances of developing atherosclerosis, or the narrowing of the arteries.
Atherosclerosis leads to the development of arterial blood clots, which are an
important harbinger of strokes. This condition is often enhanced by high blood
pressure, lack of exercise, smoking and high cholesterol levels. Morbid obesity is
often correlated with a high-fat diet, lack of exercise as well as increased high blood
pressure. Obesity also increases the chances of developing heart disease. The
chances of getting congestive heart failure, heart attack, sudden cardiac death and
angina is more heightened by being overweight or worse, obese. The rates of high
blood pressure are twice as high in obese adults, as compared to those who have
average or moderate weight. Obesity also leads to a decrease in HDL cholesterol, or
good cholesterol, and also leads to high triglyceride levels.

Enhanced Risk Of Developing Diabetes Type 2

Obesity also heightens your chances of developing diabetes type 2, where an
increase of just 11 to 18 pounds is enough to compound your health, as compared
to those who have not gained any weight at all. Health experts contend that around
eighty percent of individuals who already have diabetes are either overweight or
obese. This phenomena could account for the development of the word "diabesity"
which practically denotes the close link between diabetes and obesity.

Increased Chances of Getting Fatty Liver Disease and Other Cancers

The list of the many associated risks of obesity goes on and on. Once you become
overweight, and continue to pack more kilos or pounds, it also leads to an increase in
the risks of developing different types of cancers, including higher chances of
developing colon cancer, gall bladder, kidney, prostate, post-menopausal and
endometrial cancer. The CDC also noted that women who gain more than twenty
pounds, and are aged from 18 years old to midlife are known to develop higher
chances of getting post menopausal cancer, as compared to women who manage to
control their weight. Fatty liver disease is also among the many risks of being obese.

Fatty liver disease is common in alcoholics, and is also induced by insulin resistance.
This happens once a metabolic disorder takes place in the cells, and the cells become
insensitive or non-responsive to the effects of insulin. A number of health studies
have repeatedly emphasized that there is a clear correlation between an increased
body mass index and the degree or level in liver damage. The studies have agreed
that the higher the body mass index, the higher the chances of developing liver

Increased Chances of Developing Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Chronic venous insufficiency is also one of the additional risk factors associated with
obesity, although health experts contend that obesity may not be a direct cause of it.
Morbid obesity often leads to high blood pressure and the development of
musculoskeletal deficiencies. This, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, all contribute to
the development of chronic venous insufficiency. Obese individuals also face a greater
chance of getting other harmful vascular disorders such as lower limb ischemia, which
is often a direct result of hampered or inadequate blood flow to the extremities.

About The Author

Selva Sugunendran has published a number of Books on Health Matters. Visit the
following website to immediately download an extensively researched EBook on
including Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Cardiac Illness and
Diabetes. It details the symptoms, treatments available, the interactions as well as
the management and control of these diseases:
Obesity is a worrisome epidemic,
that's spreading like wildfire in the
industrialized world today. The more
obese or overweight a person
becomes, the more he or she is likely
to develop a wide array of associated
health problems. According to health
experts, mild obesity involves having
a body mass index or BMI of 30+,
while morbidly obese individuals have
a BMI of 40+, and malignantly obese
people have a BMI of 50+. Dietitians
also contend that those who are
forty percent overweight have twice
more chances of dying prematurely
as compared to the average-weight
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