Omega 3 Fish Oil For Hair Loss
by Junius W
membranes and certain hormones called prostaglandins. Unfortunately, for people
following the western diet where there is usually more red meat and dairy products
on the table, there is a substantial deficiency of omega 3 levels in the body. As such,
omega 3 fish oil capsules become a handy source of supplementation.

The Omega 3 Hair Health connection

There is no conclusive evidence of how Omega 3 could help hair growth or
re-growth. As a matter of fact, there wasn't much research in the area at all. Despite
that, there seems a quiet acknowledgment or consensus in the industry that this
good oil helps to improve hair healthiness, improve the luster and sheen in similar
ways as it helps the skin look finer, less dry, and the nails smoother and stronger.

So, is there a special reason that one should seriously consider having Omega 3 as
part of the hair loss remedy? I suppose if you look at it as a short-term solution, a
magic bullet, then the answer might be "no". However, if you are concerned about a
long-term solution, the answer would definitely be a "yes".

Applying the concept of "the weakest link", it means that whatever problem surfaced
(for example hair loss), it has surfaced because it is the weakest link in our body
from within. If you go along with this thought, you would better believe that
elsewhere inside the body is also going downhill, whether it be the immune system,
the hormonal balance, nutritional deficiency or any combination of these factors, etc.

Don't like the burping, fish taste, or the breath odor

A lot of people are put off by the fish taste, burping or the breath odor that might
happen after taking the omega 3 fish oil capsules. In these circumstances, they could
consider taking the capsule half-way during the meal, or take it before going to bed,
or go for the ones that offer an enteric coating.

P.S. A word on quality and safety. Quality Omega 3 fish oils are generally derived
from cold-water fishes like mackerel, sardines, salmon, and tuna. Go for the ones
that assure high quality and safety, for instance, pharmaceutical-grade manufacture,
molecularly distilled, and free of heavy metal contamination etc. And, when you
consider cod liver oil as an alternative, be concerned that the Vitamin A daily intake is
not reaching a level of potential toxicities.

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Junius W

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The Goodness of Omega 3 Fish Oil

Omega 3 Fish oil is a good all-rounder
for our body. It has
anti-inflammatory properties. Though
it might be best known for lowering
cholesterol levels, it is very good for
the arteries, improving high blood
pressure, good for the joints, for the
skin, for the eyes, and for the brain.

Omega 3 is called alpha-linolenic acid
and is one of the most important
essential fatty acids for the body.
These essential fats are crucial
elements for building healthy cell
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