Peanut Allergy Symptoms  
by Sven Ullmann
types of food allergy, peanut allergy affects about 3 million Americans. Since this
particular allergy can cause death, it is important that you know the facts surrounding
this reaction especially if you or someone in your family is allergic to peanuts.

Peanut allergy can be triggered by even the smallest of doses. The allergy is
characterized by severe symptoms including anaphylactic shock. The particular
symptom causes severe swelling, heart failure, breathing difficulties, circulatory
collapse and eventually death. Aside from these, the person also suffers from
gastrointestinal discomfort.

Since there is no available treatment for allergies, the same is also true for peanut
allergy. Available medications for allergies are only designed to treat the symptoms
of the allergic reaction. To prevent any episode of allergic reaction, persons with
peanut allergy should avoid peanuts or peanut-ingredients at all cost. In case of an
allergic reaction, the individual must be injected by epinephrine or adrenalin. This could
prevent or reverse the anaphylactic shock. Adrenalin can increase heart rate,
constrict blood vessel, reduce swelling and relax muscles. As soon as the symptom
subsides the person must still be taken to the nearest hospital to be checked

Today, people with peanut allergy are given extra consideration. Because of the
possible severity of the illness, you should also do your part in making sure that you
do not endanger yourself. People with peanut allergies have found themselves having
problems when traveling by air.

Peanuts are considered to be a staple in most airlines and if you are not careful,
having an allergic reaction while on air will be just a difficult situation. To avoid such
situation, you should first check with the airline to find if they do serve peanuts or
peanut-ingredient in your flight. For more convenience, you should ask your doctor
to give you a document stating your allergy to peanuts.

Before your trip, discuss with your doctor the need for carrying with you extra
adrenalin. You should also plan on what food to bring so you are assured of
peanut-free food. If you are traveling with your child who has contact sensitivity to
peanuts, make sure you wipe the seat, tray table, arm rest and window area. In case
an allergic reaction still occur during the flight, you should stay calm and follow all
your doctor's instructions in cases like this. Immediately alert the airline crew of the
emergency situation so they could contact and request professional medical
assistance that would be on standby as soon as you landed.

As you can see, the peanut allergy can be very dangerous. If you have it, it's a good
idea to just be aware of it, so you can react in the proper ways to diffuse the allergic
reaction. Be alert to especially any peanut allergy symptoms that might arise.

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Sven Ullmann, who runs Deserved Health [] - a site
dedicated to different health related articles. Read more about Peanut Allergy
Symptoms [].
A peanut allergy is an illness that is
caused by the body's reaction to
particular substances. Everytime the
body comes into contact with a
substance it considers as harmful, it
reacts by releasing histamines to fight
off these allergens. As the body fights
these allergens, the person exhibits
the classic symptoms of an allergic
reaction. There are many substances
that can cause allergy like insect
bites, pollen, dust and food. Aside
from shellfish, fish and eggs, allergy
to peanuts is the most common.

Considered to be one of the deadliest
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