Raw Food Diet - Why is Drinking Green Smoothies Essential
For Optimal Health?  
by Linda Loo

It has been proven in research that chlorophyll can oxygenate, rejuvenate body cells
and even cure degenerative diseases. When we consume greens, our cells are
nourished with oxygen which enables them to heal and perform at optimum.

When cells are oxygenated properly, cell respiration becomes strong and steady -
resulting in an alkaline environment.

An alkaline PH is vital for maximum health while cancer cells grows and multiplies in
an acidic body.

Greens provide us with insoluble fiber which is important for elimination. It is
impossible to eliminate properly without enough fiber in the diet. Most conventional
cooked and meat based diet provide insufficient fiber.

When fiber is lacking, the body's natural ability to eliminate malfunctions and that's
when the skin takes on the tough task of detoxification. The skin is the best indicator
of how clean the body is internally!

Why then a green smoothie?
The blending action breaks down the cellular walls of greens and fruits, thus releasing
valuable minerals, vitamins and other phytonutrients. These are then delivered to
individual cells which are ready for assimilation. Your body is relieved of the digestive
burden but yet at the same time, probably taking in much more nutrients than most
of the other meals of the day!

Most people are not able to consume greens in sufficient amounts because of low
stomach acid levels. By blending, you have already broken down the food particles
into a perfect size for absorption. This allows your body to produce lower stomach
acid but yet not suffer from indigestion problems.

Things to look out for when consuming green smoothies:

Rotate Greens
It is imperative to rotate the greens you take, just like with any other fruit or
vegetable. Nature has it such that not one single fruit, vegetable or green has the full
spectrum of health giving benefits for humans. The fact is, there is no single super,
all-encompassing food which humans can survive on for long without some form of
deficiency problem.

You will know that this is true when you keep on eating the same green or fruit day
after day. After some time, you may find that the food loses its appeal or taste less
delicious to you.

Fresh is always best
In Singapore, try not to go overnight. The best time to have your green smoothie is
right after it is poured out from your blender! In a humid country like Singapore,
green smoothies do not keep well.

Even if you store it in the fridge, it is not advisable to leave it overnight, because the
taste always deteriorates.

Copyright 2008, Linda Loo

About The Author

Linda has always been passionate about the Science of Nutrition for beauty,
weight-loss, energy & longevity. She is also a successful Raw Foodist, Certified Raw
Food Coach and is ever so delighted to share this gift of knowledge with fellow health
enthusiasts! Visit
/ and opt in to our mailing list for
more free juicy information on how you can eat your way to a flawless complexion,
a sexy body, AND abundant energy now!
Drinking blended greens is essential to
optimal health for everyone -
regardless of the predominant diet
which the person is eating.

Today, Greens occupy a tiny section
of most supermarkets, but yet these
are humble power houses which
gives us life, healing powers and
precious nourishment.

The magic of Green leaves from
plants lie in their ability to turn energy
from the sun into nutrients and
oxygen through photosynthesis.
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