Sleep Resets Your Brain and Your Body
by Cathy Chapman, Ph.D.
a few hours. He was the leader. He made the decisions. He knew he couldn't make
accurate decisions if his mind was foggy due to to extreme tiredness.

How about yourself? What are you like when you don't get enough sleep?

You know those times your computer starts acting all weird and you solve the
problem by turning it off. Everything seems to magically reset. The problem

That is what deep rest does for you. It has a rejuvenating affect upon the brain.
You're "reset" just like your computer.

Your brain needs 7-9 hours of straight downtime. If it doesn't get it, your thoughts
are foggy, your reflexes are off, and you aren't able to easily access what you've
learned. You make mistakes that could be as mild as wasting time, to as serious as
losing your job, even your life.

Dream time is also important. Research has shown that people can become
psychotic when they don't go into the dream state on a regular basis.

People don't realize that their choice, if it is a choice, not to take 7-9 hours of deep
slumber can result in tumultuous personal relationships. I have an acquaintance who
had apnea for years. After surgery, the apnea went away and his relationships with
his wife and children dramatically improved. He was no longer crabby, irritable and
difficult to get along with.

Some people make choices to partake of deep slumber because, for some reason,
they think it's a weakness to get as much rest as you need. There is the emphasis
on doing as much as possible, and you can only do that when awake.

The truth is, for almost everyone, when you are rested, you can accomplish more in
a shorter period of time. The mind is sharp. The emotions are more even. You feel
better all around.

Do yourself and the entire world a favor. If you make a choice not to crawl into bed
at a reasonable hour and rejuvenate yourself, please do so. You'll function at a
greater capacity and accomplish more than you know. In addition, your loved ones
will be so appreciative.

About The Author

Cathy Chapman, PhD. LCSW is a Mind/Body psychotherapist. She gives people tools
and resources to achieve peace and healing naturally. For a naural sleep aid, go to
and fill out the form. You will receive a totally free
sample of a cutting- edge holographic chip that balances your energy field assisting
you to sleep.
The other day my sister was telling
me about her husband saying how
much happier and peaceful she was.
She told him that life has a different
perspective now that she was getting
a good night's rest. She can handle
what comes her way much easier.

Another comment about sleep was in
an adventure novel I was reading.
The character was in the jungles
looking for the enemy. They had had
little "shut-eye" time. The description
that followed was how his troops
made a circle of protection around
him so that he could safely sleep for
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