Spontaneous Healing of Cancer
by Dr. Laurence Magne
refers to exceptional and unexplained partial or complete disappearance of cancer
without medical intervention. Healing is as integral to life as is injury. There is nothing
exceptional about a cancer cell reverting to a "normal" non-cancerous behavior. None
of us would have been alive if it didn't occur. We all have cancer cells in our body,
which get eliminated by a healthy immune system.

Spontaneous healing of cancer is Nature's expression of her willingness to yield its
secrets of cancer healing—of how a cancer cell can change its dynamics back to a
state of health. It offers a solid base of hope—both for the patient who suffers from
cancer and for his physician. It is not an uncommon occurrence. Even if it happened
only once, it still firmly establishes the possibility. Spontaneous healing of cancer also
opens the door to all non-drug, restorative therapies that are known to facilitate the
healing response in the human body.

How rare are spontaneous remissions when defined as tumor regression without
chemotherapy? The answer depends on who you ask. Physicians who specialize in
non-drug, natural cancer therapies will cite a very large number of cases to support
their view that cancer remission without chemotherapy or radiotherapy is not
uncommon. Most oncologists will dismiss such claims as blatant lies.

Spontaneous Remission: An Annotated Bibliography lists 1,051 case reports published
in peer-reviewed medical literature. Spontaneous healing of cancer is not at all an
uncommon event in the experience of pathologists, yet it's a rare pathologist who
prepares a formal report for publication of such cases.

Patients whose advanced cancers spontaneously heal challenge the deepest beliefs of
most oncologists and radiotherapists. Usually the cancer medical staff dismiss the
subject as insignificant and irrelevant to their work. Many patients refuse
chemotherapy recommended by oncologists, and months or years later they return
to tell of their success with non-drug therapies.

What is spontaneous healing of cancer? It’s a war against cancer that the body's own
dynamics, antioxidant defenses and DNA repair enzyme systems wins—it's that
simple! Spontaneous healing gives clues to what therapies we might choose to
facilitate the healing processes that normally control cancer- and coaxes the errant
cells back to a healthful mode. This is the core principle of non-drug therapies for
cancer management.

Everyone knows or has heard of people who were expected to die of cancer in
several months or a few years but who defied their medical prognostic and underwent
spontaneous remission. I know of hundreds of patients who had limited cancers that
could be surgically removed, and so had little reason to die of the tumor. Yet, they
succumbed quickly. I also know of many patients who lived for decades with cancers
that had been originally pronounced terminal. What can one make of such cases?

When you think and feel the thought “I’m happy”, a chemical messenger translates
the emotion into a bit of matter precisely attuned to your desire, so that every cell in
your body jumps to attention like a good soldier, learns of the happiness and joins in.
You have the ability to shift your body from one extreme emotion to the other, and
that way affect your physiology.

This is the access to another world that you carry inside you, but is difficult to reach
except with the techniques of meditation or hypnotherapy. The body is an image
projected by the mind, and in a state of health, the mind keeps this image intact and
balanced. However, injury and pain can cause us to withdraw our attention from the
affected spot. In that case, the body image starts to deteriorate, its energy patterns
energy patterns become impaired, unhealthy. So a healer restores the correct pattern
– this is done instantly, on the spot – after which the patient’s own mind takes
responsibility for maintaining it that way. Visit http://www.cancer-free-for-life.com for
more information on healing of cancer.

The mind controls the body in uncontrollable ways. You can’t usually stop your heart,
or lower your body temperature. Some extremely rare human beings, such as yogis
in Tibet, can actually do so in scientific tests. Yet, these are functions regulated by the
brain. Consider the reaction to fear: your heartbeat is elevated, you breathe faster.
But how does it happen? In your brain, you make a connection between a particular
situation and a sense of impending danger to your body. Where does that connection
occur but in the brain!

It’s extremely difficult for the Western mind to let go of the stream of consciousness.
Meditation is a process where one has to sink up or down, transcending beyond the
ordinariness of our everyday thoughts. The results are inconsistent due to the lack of
knowledge that our thought processes can vary, from deep to shallow, with
completely different results. For healing to occur, it’s necessary to go deep, to contact
the hidden blueprint of intelligence to rearrange it, reorganize it. People thoughts’
powers are too weak, and their belief in the effectiveness of the method too
superficial. More FREE articles on spontaneous healing of cancer are available on
About The Author

Dr. Laurence Magne
Publisher, Author
Cancer Free For Life
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From the desk of Dr Magne,
author of Cancer Free For Life

Everyone has the ability to heal.
This is built into our physical,
emotional, and spiritual natures
as human beings. Cancer cells
manifest a dysfunction where the
only goal is to multiply, unaware
that they’re bringing about their
own destruction by destroying
the organism of which they are a

In medical terminology,
spontaneous healing of cancer
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