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    Achieving the fitness Goals with the Best Tasting Protein Powders

    10 Best Tasting Protein Powders – Top Picks 2017

    The popularity of protein powder supplements has risen quite a bit. More and more athletes think about implementing protein powder into their diets, as it brings a wide range of benefits.

    When you challenge your body through a demanding workout, you put pressure on your muscles. The repairing process that precedes each workout session involves the use of amino acids derived from protein.

    So, protein plays a leading part in ensuring a healthy muscle recovery and growth. Even though any source of protein will do the job, we would like to enumerate some of the main advantages of drinking the best tasting protein shake after exercising.

    Benefits of Best Tasting Protein Powder

    Compact Nutrition

    Firstly, the best tasting protein powder is rich in nutrients and low in calories. Your body needs protein to recover after exercising. Nonetheless, it doesn’t necessarily need too many calories, as they would reverse the effort you directed into your workout.

    So, in order to obtain consistent and positive results, the best tasting protein shake can make a difference. Experts recommend a 4:1 protein/carbs ratio within 30 minutes after exercising. That can significantly boost your strength.

    Muscle Growth

    Many protein powders on the market encompass whey protein as the main ingredient. This is a major component that facilitates a smooth digestion. No wonder it is an important reason for choosing the best tasting protein powder. Whey powder has the capability of stimulating muscle growth when combined with regular strength training and proper nutrition.

    Better Health

    Eating protein immediately after working out is highly recommended because it decreases muscular soreness. Moreover, it improves your body’s immune response to infections. So, the best tasting protein shake can make a difference.

    Weight Control

    According to , high-protein diets are highly recommended for managing a healthy body weight. Concurrently, taking the best tasting whey protein is practical in increasing fat loss, while safeguarding your muscle tissue.

    Now that you know the benefits linked to including the best tasting protein powder into your diet, we would like to present to you our top 10 recommendations.

    Top 10 Best Tasting Protein Powder

    #1. Vega Protein & Greens Plant Based Protein Powder

    Vega Protein & Greens Plant Based Protein Powder

    This is a great protein powder that is targeted for vegans. We find that this powder is exactly what you need if you want to enjoy the best tasting protein shake. The consistency of the shake is pretty thick.

    If you prefer a smoother texture, you can always add more water. You can also combine this protein powder with milk and other liquids. It’s quite smooth and doesn’t have a chalky texture.

    Moving on to the nutrient profile of this powder, it encompasses 120 calories, 6g of carbs, 1g of fat, and 20g of protein. Vega protein powder delivers a complete amino corrosive profile derived from plant-based sources such as Savi seed, pea, hemp and others.

    It is a fantastic and delicious option if you wish to add more protein to your diet. As for flavor, we can say that it is delicious. Nonetheless, the taste you obtain will still depend on how you use it.

    This is a great option for breakfasts on the go, after workouts, or other scenarios. This plant-based protein powder is free of dairy, soy, gluten, manufactured flavors, and sweeteners. All things considered, this is the best tasting protein powder for vegans.

    #2. Dymatize Nutrition ISO 100, Whey Protein Powder

    2. Dymatize Nutrition ISO 100, Whey Protein Powder

    This best-tasting protein shake gets the job done and has a great taste. You can mix it with milk or water, and it can help you recover from challenging workouts. We concluded that ourselves. This is made for hard-working athletes. It is exactly what your body needs to repair muscles at a faster pace.

    A serving of this best tasting whey protein embodies 5.5 grams of amino acids and other elements that are necessary after intensive training. It is free of lactose and gluten, presenting less than one gram of fat and one gram of sugar per serving. We can confirm that this whey powder offers you the nourishment you need.

    Also, the product tastes good considering its nutritious value. Since it has less than one gram of sugar, we were happy with the taste. Note that this protein powder encompasses genetically modified soy oil. So, in the case in which you have a problem with that, you should choose another product from our list of recommendations.

    On the whole, ISO-100 powder is said to be the best tasting protein powder, which is equally efficient.

    #3. JYM Supplement Science Pro JYM

    JYM Supplement Science Pro JYM

    Although this product has been recently released, it has built a large customer base in a limited timeframe. We’ll begin by saying that this best tasting protein powder contains milk, whey, egg protein and casein.

    The reason the manufacturer combined three types of protein is the following: whey digests quickly, and casein is a protein that digests at a slower pace. In the meantime, egg protein is medium-digesting. By combining three types of protein, Pro JYM claims to aid to build muscle protein synthesis for an extended period.

    Apart from that, this powder doesn’t enlist any protein or nitrogen spiking ingredients that falsify the protein content of a supplement. In plain English, when you buy this product, you know what you get.

    Nonetheless, this powder is quite pricey, in comparison with other options. The question is: is it worth the extra expense? Firstly, the manufacturer is transparent regarding the use of products. Other producers engage in dishonest marketing hacks and aren’t up straight with their customers.

    As for the science behind this product, JYM includes a broad range of scientific evidence on the website. Plus, he has also earned a Ph.D., being the author of Jim Stoppani's Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength. As a matter of fact, there is research on his website indicating that the addition of slow-digesting casein protein is the key to better muscle growth.

    If you’re allergic to eggs, milk, soy, wheat or peanuts, you shouldn’t use this supplement. Nonetheless, all things considered, this is the best tasting protein powder and its effectiveness is backed up by evidence.

    #4. IdealLean, Protein Powder for Women

    IdealLean Protein Powder

    Moving on to the best tasting protein powder for women. Did you know that women have distinct requirements than men when it comes to post-workout recovery and healthy diet?

    , you can access the nutritional facts for this protein powder. Unlike many protein shakes on the market, this product uses whey protein isolate minus fat and carbs.

    This offers your body exactly what it needs to develop lean muscles. Whey protein is easily absorbed by the body, encompassing the essential amino acids the body depends on for recovery.

    If you don’t want to use a protein powder that will give your body a bulky appearance, you don’t have to worry. This product is targeted for women who want to tone their body. In other words, your body will look toned and fit, as opposed to bulky.

    An active woman requires much more protein than an inactive lady. So, if you like working out, you must ingest the necessary amount of protein. If you don’t do this, you will lose muscle, as opposed to losing fat.

    What is more, IdealLean doesn’t encompass any lactose. It presents whey protein in the purest form available. We tested the chocolate brownie and French vanilla flavors. So, if you’re looking for the best vanilla protein powder, you’ll find this product more than gratifying.

    #5. BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein Powder, Whey Protein


    This is a high-quality protein powder that tastes surprisingly well. It is sweet and doesn’t have that chalky aftertaste of other protein powders. We have to admit that this is the best tasting protein powder on the market. You can choose from 10 different flavors, all of which taste incredibly well.

    What is more, the product encompasses a blend of six types of protein. Micellar caseinate and calcium caseinate represent two slow-digesting proteins. In the meantime, the whey digests quicker. Its name – Syntha-6 indicates that the supplement blends six types of protein. Some ingredients delay the digestion process, ensuring the muscle building process during the day.

    We find that Syntha-6 is one of the most efficient protein supplements. It is a multi-functional, nutritious supplement, providing you a good source of fiber, essential fatty acids, and crucial amino acids.

    You can take this supplement immediately after working out. After you exercise, your body needs instant nutrition for fast recovery.

    Nonetheless, you can take this at any time during the day, since it also contains slow-digesting protein sources.

    In short, we can say that the results provided by this best tasting whey protein are mind-blowing. Whether you wish to get slimmer or build muscle, this is a decent alternative.

    #6. Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder

    Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder

    Next, we are going to review the Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder. Note that the ingredients present in this product depend on the flavor you select. So, we advise you to check the label before your purchase. This is the best-tasting whey protein powder that mixes isolate and whey concentrate.

    It also ensures that your body receives a nice blend of amino acids and proteins, facilitating your muscles’ growth and recover after demanding workouts. On the whole, this product embodies 18 essential and non-essential amino acids. We have found that the protein powder mixes pretty easily.

    As for the taste, we can say that it is good. Nonetheless, this is a subjective aspect, so it depends on each user. Chocolate and vanilla are the most popular flavors, and we liked both of them. Many say that this is the best vanilla protein powder. Bear in mind that this is an artificially flavored protein powder, which may not appeal to all people. So make sure you take this into consideration.

    The main advantages to buying this product are its effectiveness, its affordability, and the mixture of components. Still, the artificial sweetener might be a problem for some people. This is the best tasting whey protein powder that offers great results for the price. Truth be told, you cannot expect more of this best tasting whey protein, considering the price.

    #7. Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

    Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder Review by Every Nutrient

    If you are an adopter of organic products, this protein powder will be right up your alley. This manufacturer obtains protein from plant-based ingredients such as hemp and brown rice. The main purpose of this product is to offer a healthy shake that anyone could drink. It is great for a busy lifestyle, providing you with the nutrients that your body needs.

    If you are concerned that most protein shakes taste awful, we can say that the flavor of this particular one is great. It is pretty sweet, but the sweetness isn’t disturbing. Plus, the price is really reasonable.

    If you don’t eat meat, adding protein powder to your diet is highly recommended for a balanced diet. This is an equally healthy and versatile product for vegans and vegetarians. We confirm that it is the best vanilla protein powder.

    #8. Premier Protein Whey Powder

    Premier Protein Whey Powder

    This is among the best tasting whey protein powders we have tested. Many people stay away from protein shakes because most of them have an awful taste. Nonetheless, this is not the case for this product. We consider that this is a quintessential, basic protein profile. Each serving presents 30 grams of protein. We also liked that it doesn’t utilize artificial colors or flavors.

    Mixing this wasn’t challenging at all. On the opposite, it seemed to blend really well right away, and we didn’t find any lumps in our shakes. Regarding the effectiveness of this whey protein, we can say, from experience, that it offers you that feeling of satiety and fullness that you get from a normal meal.

    So, we find that this is a fantastic post-workout snack that is genuinely nutritive. It’s also nice that this is a versatile product which has a decent ingredient profile. Did we notice any side effects? Perhaps it decreased our appetite more than we might have wanted. Apart from that, we were fully content with this best tasting whey protein.

    #9. Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder

    Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder

    We have heard a lot of buzz about Muscle Milk. So, we thought we would give this a try. And we were happy we gave it a chance. It embodies milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, and other crucial vitamins and minerals. This supplement promotes satiety, builds lean muscle and contributes to a quick recovery.

    According to the manufacturer’s website, one-gram of this best vanilla protein powder encompasses 150 calories, 9 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of fat, and 16 grams of protein. As for the quality of the ingredients, the primary sources of protein are casein and whey, both milk proteins that ensure you get all the essential amino acids. Plus, combined, they offer benefits that isolate powders don’t.

    Also, this product is fortified with magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and folic acid.

    Considering that the matter of taste is subjective, we cannot promise that you’ll like the taste of this shake. On the other hand, we didn’t find any research that would support the claims of the manufacturer. On the whole, we think this is a decent product that delivers good results.

    #10. Jay Robb - Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate Powder

    Jay Robb Whey Protein Isolate Powder

    After reviewing numerous products, we concluded that this qualifies as the best tasting whey protein powder. This brand was developed by Jay Robb and his priority is to supply nutritional products.

    Immediately after trying out this powder, it was clear to us that it encompasses the best ingredients out there. It has been developed after attentive research and testing, and the result is a high-quality product that furnishes protein for muscle growth, which also aids you to burn fat easily.

    This powder encompasses a blend of natural ingredients, offering 25 grams of protein, 0-cholesterol, 0-fat, 0-sugar and 1 gram of carbohydrate per serving.

    The unique process led to a whey protein that is rich in a range of crucial immune boosting factors. We also like that the whey is derived from grass-fed, farm-raised, pasture-grazed cows that aren’t treated with synthetic hormones.

    We appreciate that this product is surprisingly delicious while being super healthy and nutritive. What is more, it comes in numerous delicious flavors such as strawberry, vanilla, Pina Colada and others. On the whole, we would recommend this product to anyone looking for the best tasting whey protein powder that improves protein synthetic while also supporting healthy weight loss.

    The Bottom Line

    To conclude, even though it is best to get the necessary nutrients from the food we eat, sometimes we might need supplements to ensure that our body gets what it needs.

    This applies particularly when you have an arduous training program. So, if you’re on the lookout for the best tasting protein powder and you are overwhelmed by the vast diversity of products on the market, we would recommend you the products presented above. We have also included the best vanilla protein powder.

    Nonetheless, we recommend you to discuss with your dietician if it’s the first time you implement protein powder in your diet. Also, it is best to carefully examine the label of a product before making a purchase. This way, you can be 100 percent certain that you make the right choice for your health.

    On a final note, remember that protein powders shouldn’t substitute whole foods in your diet, and must be used in moderation.

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