The Best Colon Cleansing Foods in the World!
by Ryman Phillips
the less your colon will cleanse. This is because if you go on consuming your normal
diet which is generally loaded with fats, sugars, artificial flavors and preservatives,
then your digestive system will keep on expending almost all its efforts on getting rid
of what you are currently digesting instead of cleansing the colon of impacted matter
and mucoidal wastes that have collected over a period of many years.

Because of this reason, it is extremely important to eat a lot of foods that cleanse
your colon during a cleansing regime. In this way, you will not only get your colon
cleansed in the most efficient way possible, but you will also get to maintain healthy
colon health by incorporating these colon cleansing foods in your diet for good. So
what are the foods that actually clean your colon?

Here Is A List Of The 3 Best And Healthiest Colon Cleansing Food Groups:

Yes, we know that water is not a food, but it is actually the most important
component of your diet that will help in a quick colon cleanse. You should drink at
least four liters of water every day while following a colon cleansing regime if you
want your cleansing herbs or salts to work optimally. Even after your cleansing
regime is over, you can keep your colon healthy and clean by consuming a gallon of
fresh water every day.

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables: Vegetables, especially green ones are rich sources of
enzymes and minerals that help in strengthening the digestive system and healing it.
Therefore, fresh vegetable juices, made from organic vegetables are excellent for
colon cleansing and colon health. This is because juices hardly contain any fibers, and
their nutrition is easily and quickly absorbed by the body. On the other hand, freshly
squeezed fruit juices are the best detoxifying agents available to mankind, and the
enzymes in these juices help in healing and curing the body of a number of ailments.

If you are following a fasting type colon cleanse regime, like a juice fast or salt water
cleansing, then you should incorporate juices into your daily diet. However, if you are
on a colon cleansing regime that is based on fiber action, like the P&B or some other
similar method, then you will benefit more by consuming whole fresh fruits and
vegetables instead of drinking just juices.

Fruits and vegetables are most beneficial for the colon when they are consumed raw
and along with their skins. Some of the best colon cleansing fruits that you should
incorporate into your daily diet are apples and pears with skins, oranges, prunes,
grapes, papayas and berries. Most of these fruits contain enzymes that aid in colon
functioning and peristaltic activity. The best colon cleansing vegetables are the green
leafy ones, with spinach, watercress, kale, broccoli, chard and beet greens topping
the list.

Fermented Foods: Good bacteria living in the colon are an important determinant
of colon health. However, due to faulty lifestyles, most of us do not have a healthy
balance of bacteria in our colon. To help promote the growth of positive bacteria,
fermented foods like yogurt, yeast, miso and sauerkraut should be added to the diet.
In case you are suffering from candida infections, then avoid yeast.

About The Author

Ryman Phillips

If you want to learn more about a
, check out Ryman Phillips' information site.
As the malaise of an unhealthy
digestive tract catches up with us,
more and more people are turning
towards colon cleansing in order to
get healthy and fit. Colon cleansing
can be carried out through a number
of different methods, ranging from
enemas and colonic irrigation to
fasting and consuming herbal and
other colon cleansing supplements.

If you are planning to clean your
colon through a diet or through the
use of some herbal or natural
product, then you need to keep a
basic fact in mind-the more you eat,
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