The Health Benefits of Dance
by Phil Tucker
being accrued by your body, what the health benefits of dance are? Wonder no
longer-just read on.

First off there's flexibility. If you're doing any kind of formal dancing, from ballet to
modern jazz, you'll start off with a stretching session, and then after you're warmed
up let it all go. Even if you're just enjoying in with your friends by the bar, dancing
involves a wide array of movements, asking for a full range of motions. The more
you dance, the more your muscles flex and extend. Most forms of dancing involve
bending and stretching, with the final result that you'll naturally end up being more
flexible as a result.

Most people associate strength training with the gym, with lifting weights, but many
people forget that your own body can act as its own weight for your muscles.
Strength, after all, is defined as your muscles ability exert a force against resistance,
and gravity provides all the resistance you need. Many styles of dance involve
jumping and leaping high into the air, an exercise which requires tremendous
strength. If you think about all the exercise your thighs, calves and core must do to
control your body as you dip, turn and sway, it's a full on workout.

Endurance. Unless you're dancing for ten minutes, any length period of dancing is a
full body workout that will do much more for you than thirty minutes on a treadmill.
All night dance sessions will leave you drenched with sweat, and when's the last time
a gym workout left you so soaked? Even if you're taking breaks to get a
refreshment at the bar, you're still moving and dancing for hours, and that kind of
exercise is excellent for your aerobic engine. If you're dancing professionally, or doing
a formal style of dance, than there's no doubt that all that rehearsing will give you a
killer workout.

Finally, dancing can bestow an incredible sense of well being. It's primal, it's an
ancient form of social interaction, it's fun and moving in time to rhythmic music is as
basic a form of enjoyment as there is. Dancing with friends, being out in the world,
meeting new people, performing, joining dance groups, any of these forms of social
interactions are incredibly healthy for your self esteem and your sense of well being

About The Author

Phil Tucker

If you're interested in combining dance with exercise in a more direct method,
seeking to blend the fun with more direct health benefits, why not try
Or try your hand at a kickboxing workout with
Have you ever spent the night
dancing? Checked into the club
around 10 PM, and staggered out
some six hours later, hair spiked with
sweat, body flushed, legs completely
worn out, ears ringing? Or have you
ever been out swing dancing, jump
jive and wailing as you spin your
partner and twirl them around,
snapping your fingers as you work up
a healthy sheen of sweat? Tango, ball
room, hip hop-there's no end of
options and styles, but all of them
involve your body, with moving,
grooving and enjoying yourself. Ever
wondered exactly what benefits are
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