The Importance of Sleep For Health
by Ahmed Serag
bacteria again for the new day. But, when you don't sleep, your immune system
begins to fail. The bad bacteria flourish and you will see many symptoms such as
fatigue, sickness, injury, ect...A healthy immune system means a good metabolism,
healthy organs, and a body that will fight off disease.

Healthy Hormonal levels: Sleeping contributes to balancing prolactin, serotonin,
dopamine, melatonin, leptin... a balanced hormonal system is a balanced body and
that only leads to an entire host of benefits.

Fat loss and Muscle growth: Loss of sleep raises cortisol (excess stress=fat storage
among other things), leptin inhibition (meaning carbohydrate craving and the
inhibition of weight loss), mild insulin resistance, and reduced Thyroid stimulating
hormone release (lowers metabolism). That's what losing sleep does, so when you
get sufficient sleep, we get normal cortisol levels, leptin production, insulin sensitivity
and thyroid stimulating hormone release, which is a long way of saying Muscle
Growth/Fat loss.

Reduced Stress levels: Sleeping normalizes cortisol and insulin release during the day
and night, allowing for steady moods and reduced risk for depression. It also
balances out the dopamine serotonin see-saw making you happy during the day.

A functional Mind: One of the points I want to get across is how powerful you and
your mind are. Let's say you realize that and today you get to work and accomplish
large amounts of work. But you lose sleep so tomorrow you wake up with less
energy, less focus and in a worse state of mind. How do you expect to accomplish
as much as the previous day? You can't.

But if you sleep sufficiently, you can accomplish more and more every consecutive
day. You can work towards your dreams and eventually accomplish them
energetically, positively and effectively. The only other thing that could hold you back
from that outcome is not knowing how to do it, which I have a recommendation for.
I've done my fair share of searching for a purpose and the only reason I found mine,
started a website and wrote a book (in my teenage years) is because of the lessons
taught in this program.

I hope after all that you realize the importance of sleep! More energy, less stress,a
strong and and appreciable body and a powerful mind are just some of the benefits.
Aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night, preferably between 10PM and 6AM most days
a week (not going to make you sleep at 10 on a friday/saturday) and you'll be on
your way to success.

About The Author

Ahmed Serag

Come check out my health and fitness website,
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many interesting articles like
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So you want your dream body? You
want a creative mind? What's that?
You're only sleeping 4-6 hours a
night? One word: counterproductive.

Benefits of sleep:

Reduced Risk for disease and healthy
immune function: Sleeping is actually
an immune response caused by
cytokines. Throughout the entire day
the bacteria in your gut grow and
grow, and at a certain point you
become tired and fall asleep so
macrophages and leukocytes can kill
some bacteria and balance out the
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