The Migraine Headache - Allergy Connection
by Cari Haus
on gradually. Sometimes it starts on one side of the head and then switches sides.
People report seeing lights, rainbows and blurred vision. There may also be loss of
appetite, nausea or vomiting.

More women than men complain of headaches. Usually migraine patients have a
family background of headaches 80% of the time. 43% of migraine sufferers
complain of eye symptoms. According to many studies, most sufferers have other
symptoms: hay fever, eczema, travel sickness and a history of digestive tract

The Allergy Connection

Migraines are often a reaction to an allergen, which in turn, irritates the blood vessels.
In migraines, an artery, most commonly the superficial temporal artery, becomes
constricted at first, then the same segment of the artery becomes widely dilated, and
overstretched. The pressure of the blood carried in the artery increases the pain,
whereas compression of the artery with the hands on the side of the head over the
dilated segment will cause relief of pain. The control of blood vessel tone is through
the autonomic nervous system. Thus many natural treatments are directed at the
nervous system and blood vessels.

Triggering Agents

The most common triggering agents for migraines are alterations in serotonin
metabolism (a deficiency), food allergies (in order of the most common- wheat,
citrus fruit, eggs, tea, coffee, chocolate, milk, salt, corn, cane sugar, yeast, alcohol,
cheeses, onions), low magnesium levels, hormonal imbalances, histamine-induced
platelet aggregation (blood platelets sticking together). Migraine headaches can also
be triggered by eyestrain, poor posture, stress, sleep excess or deficiency, weather
changes, blood sugar imbalances and drug use. (Dr. Dana Myatt)

Other studies cite triggers like hypoglycemia, tension, depression, tobacco, birth
control pills, vasodilator drugs, water retention, menstruation, wind exposure, and
sun exposure. There may also be factors that aggravate migraines such as poor air,
constipation, getting cold, noise, carbon monoxide poisoning, very low / high blood
pressure, altitude changes (air travel), bright or flashing lights (a recent study showed
30% were in the sun when the migraine started), loud or low frequency noises,
electromagnetic fields (cell or portable phone), emotional stress or trauma, strong
odors (including news print), pet allergies, and others. (Dr. Ron Roth and Lancet)

Can Foods Cause Migraines?

When allergy producing foods were avoided there was a dramatic fall in the number
of headaches per month, 85% of patients becoming headache-free (Lancet) Migraine
users may want to stay away from food with dairy and wheat.

Eating too many varieties of foods at one meal is a common cause of headache. The
many chemicals from the various foods, even though naturally produced, still make
war inside the system. For people with headaches it is wise to take two dishes at a
meal of very simple foods. (Dr. Agatha Thrash).

Natural Relief

Where to Find Help

For information on headaches contact: The National Headache Foundation (888)
NHF-5552. Always consult a physician before proceeding with any remedies.
Headaches can be a sign of a very serious medical condition that can lead to death.

Since diet can play a part in migraines, reducing allergy producing foods is
recommended. If you can't afford the $100 food allergy test from your alternative
medicine provider, you can instead try going 1 month each without wheat, dairy, and
yeast. Those are the most common offenders. If any of them is involved, you should
notice a difference!

Although it can be a challenge to change your diet, if the end result is migraine
headache relief, it will be well worth your effort. There are an increasing number of
non-allergenic food mixes and seasonings on the market today that have no dairy,
are easy to make and healthful and fun to eat. You may want to consider some of
those options while testing your diet to see if you can determine what foods, if any,
are the ones that give you a headache.

About The Author

Cari Haus is webmaster for , a manufacturer
and online retailer of quality vegan food mixes and seasonings.
Most everyone has had a headache
at some time, but there are people
who cannot function on a daily basis
due to headache pain. Many people
go to physicians for headaches, in
fact, headaches are the ninth most
common cause of physician visits.
Some headaches are caused by
serious medical conditions and may
need medical treatment.

Migraines, which come on an average
of 1-2 times per month, may last
anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days
each. The pain, may vary from
throbbing to moderate, often comes
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