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    The Positive Effects of Essiac Tea

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    How Do We Describe Essiac?

    The basis of Essiac is a collection of herbs which are integrated together to make the drink that we all commonly know as tea. Traditionally, this would consist of the root from Indian rhubarb, burdock root, elm inner bark (slippery) and also sheep sorrel. Further to this, later recipes also included the addition of red clover, blessed thistle and even watercress; the end product being Flor Essence.

    So What Can Do Get From Essiac Tea?

    Essiac tea is said to be beneficial in a variety of ways and is even claimed to help with the treatment of cancer. I understand there is actually research being carried to try and substantiate these claims. A nurse from Canada named Rene Caisse discovered Essiac tea and named the tea after her own surname. If you read it backwards you will find that it spells ‘Essiac’.

    How Do I Make The Tea?

    The process for making and preparing the tea is not so difficult and only requires that you follow some simple instructions. It doesn’t take long to put together and the ingredients used are minimal. Commonly, Essiac tea is used from time to time for not just the claims about it being able to treat cancer but for general wellbeing and also to help heal additional ailments.

    The method of preparing the tea is firstly finding a couple of steel pots which will need to be stainless steel and should measure four gallons and three gallons with a lid. You will need a spatula, a funnel, a fine-mesh double strainer which should all be stainless steel; a minimum of twelve, sixteen ounce glass bottles which can be sealed with air tight caps and additionally you will need to have two gallons of distilled water that is free from sodium.


    Take four ounces of powdered slippery elm bark, one ounce of powdered turkey rhubarb, six and a half cups of finely cut burdock root and also sixteen ounces of powdered wild sheep sorrel. Now you need to fully mix up these ingredients and then take the distilled water that is sodium free, put it in the four gallon pot with the lid added and bring to the boil.

    Now, take 1 cup of the Essiac mix and stir this in to your pot, remember to put the lid back onto your pot after you’ve done this and carry on boiling the pot for approximately another ten minutes. You then turn off your hob and take a scraping instrument to scrape the sides of the pot. Give the formula a good stir, replace the lid back on to the pot and leave it that way for half a day or so. Then switch your hob back on and fully heat for twenty minutes.

    The preparation is almost finished and all that needs doing is to turn your hob off and strain the mixture into the other three gallon pot. You will need to give the five gallon pot a good clean now as you will be yet again running the mixture through the strainer and back into the larger pot. After this you can now use your funnel to empty the hot mix into your bottles. Do this right away and remember to secure the caps tightly. Finally Leave the bottles to drop in temperature, ensure the caps are still tight and then refrigerate your newly created Essiac Tea.


    You should always consult your Doctor or other qualified health professional before embarking on any homemade tea venture. Pregnant women in particular should be cautious of such activities.