The Top Benefits of Wheatgrass Drinks
by Will Johnson
of wheat grass is that regular consumption increases the alkaline level in the body.
Wheat grass is a highly alkaline food and consuming it balances out the acidic level of
the body. The natural ph of the human body is slightly alkaline in nature and is about
7.4. This level gets affected by the food we eat. Consuming acidifying foods causes
this ph to get more acidic in nature and thus harm the body. On the other hand
consuming alkaline foods makes the body more alkaline in nature and help live a
healthy life as well as a long life. So grass is very beneficial to the body as far as
maintaining the alkalinity of the body is concerned.

Consuming wheat grass also helps fight cancer. Cancer thrives in an acidic
environment and since consuming it also helps balance the acidic levels of the body it
prevents cancer. One of the simplest ways is to crush the thoroughly washed grass
and consume its juice every day in the morning. Not only does it help fight cancer it
also helps in improves the digestive system. It is very nutritious and provides the
body with plenty of resources. Wheat grass, if consumed raw and whole, also
provides plenty of fiber to the body thus improving the digestive system by
manifolds. If you suffer from constipation often and cure might lie in wheat grass,
which has been known to cure, as well as keep off constipation. The fiber helps to
make the ballistic movement easier and smoother.

Wheat grass also helps to detoxify dangerous metals from the blood stream. All
blood cells take in oxygen and nutrients while giving out toxin waste. If this process is
altered serious and irreparable damage can be done to the body. Consumption of
juice helps to maintain the alkaline levels of the body and so in turn helps to
oxygenate the cells and rid them of their toxic wastes. It also helps to keep the liver
healthy and functioning smoothly. Its nutrients help to cleanse the liver of all the
toxins in it. Consuming it will increase the life of your liver many times over. It has
cosmetic effects on you also. Having wheat grass regularity will make you hair shine
and your skin glow. Apart from these superficial benefits there are deep down
advantages of having it regularly. Serious ailments like diabetes and coronary
diseases can be prevented by this grass. It also helps women to go through their
menopausal years smoothly.

Wheat grass is truly a gift to be appreciated and used so as to derive the best results
from it. Regular consumption will energize you as well as take you on the path of

About The Author

Will Johnson

Discover How Wheat Grass Works and Why An
Is Recommended,
Wheat grass is the shoot of the
agropyron which is a relative of the
common wheat. Many people
substitute the common wheat for
growing wheat grass; this is not too
bad either since they both have
similar qualities. New and tender
shoots of this plant can be squeezed
to make juice or dried to grind into a
powder form. This plant is considered
high alkaline food and helps the body
alkalize. This alkalizing ability of this
type of grass makes it very popular
as a health food.

One of the most important benefits
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