The Unspoken Horror of Adult Acne
by Frank Cordova

Sebum secreted from the hair follicles moves to the skin pores and lubricates the skin.
But sometimes the oil glands expand, producing an excess of sebum, which ultimately
gets trapped in the hair follicle and clogs the pores. These clogged pores permit
bacteria and growth of Propionibacterium acnes. This bacteria causes inflammation of
the hair follicle and the surrounding skin and thus acne emerges.

Though till now the exact causes of adult acne are not known, most of the theories
suggest hormonal imbalances as the root cause. Some other causes proposed are
evolutionary biology, diet, stress, vitamin deficiency and the list goes on.

Some Effective Treatments To Get Rid Of Adult Acne

All these things are medicines, all of which may have side effects and should not be
taken without a prescription and the guidance of a doctor.

Good News For Foodies

You will be glad to know that chocolate or fried foods do not cause acne. These foods
are often seen as unhealthy food habits and therefore "must be" related to skin
breakouts, but this theory has no scientific backing.

However, foods which are high in refined sugar, trans-fatty acid (milk products)
oxidized fatty acids (fried oils) and synthetically hydrogenated vegetable oil contents
may not cause acne but are definitely not very good for your health, and so an
excess of these foods should be avoided. You can be infected with intestinal toxemia if
your diet is low on fiber and essential vitamins and high on these contents. The result
of glut of toxins may show on your skin.

Some Natural Remedies For Adult Acne

The good news about the use of natural things is that they come without the risk of
side effects.

Name And Fame Of Some Natural Ingredients

Azelaic acid

This acid makes the keratin production stable and you will get almost same results as
using Benzoyl- Peroxide or oral antibiotics.

Tea Tree Oil

Reduces acne with its antibacterial and antifungal qualities.

Green Tea

A renowned antioxidant, which trims down inflammation and infection

Topical Vitamin C And E

Both are strong antioxidants, which improve skin condition by diminishing
inflammation and infection.

Fruit Acids (AHAs And BHAs)

These acids gently exfoliate your skin, leaving it smooth.

Some Tips To Control Outbursts Of Adult Acne

About The Author

Frank Cordova

Learn how you can cure yourself of acne in just three days by visiting my web site at:
Did you know that more than
25% of the adult population
worldwide suffers from acne? If
we leave the pages of statistical
data and look at people with
plain eyes it will be hard to find a
man or a woman who did not
suffer the gnawing problem of
zits. However, even though this
problem is "skin deep", its effects
germinate into bouts of despair
and social angst, which
jeopardizes quality of life.

Digging Into The Roots Of
Adult Acne
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