The Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic
by Karen Davison
may be associated with Vitamin D deficiency:

As you can see most of the above are related to inflammation. People with higher
levels of Vitamin D also have better lung capacity, something that could be important
to asthma sufferers.In fact, in the May 1, 2009 issue of American Journal of
Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, researchers at Harvard Medical School and
Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston report a link between insufficient levels of
vitamin D and increased severity of asthma in children.

There is now increasing evidence that Vitamin D deficiency plays an important role in
the increase in autism. Vitamin D goes through two biochemical processes which
ultimately produces calcitriol, which affects brain cell development. Some research
indicates that a low Vitamin D level in a pregnant mother will affect brain
development in the baby. The research while not conclusive, at this time, gives hope
for a solution to the increasing incidence of autism.

Vitamin D is also essential for the absorption of calcium which children need to grow
health bones and adults need to prevent osteoporosis.

Vitamin D is not something we get in large quantities from food but rather something
we absorb from sunshine. As we have become a society who spends more and
more time indoors or covered up when we're outdoors, our Vitamin D levels have
dropped. And many of us live in northern climes where, at least in the winter months,
there may not be a lot of sunshine. Although surprisingly, there is a large number of
people in states like Florida and Texas with below normal Vitamin D levels. Taking
Vitamin D3 supplements is an inexpensive and simple solution which scientists believe
will give us more protection against many diseases that are on the rise.

The daily recommended dosage of Vitamin D3 has changed drastically recently as
more data becomes available. Cancer prevention specialists at the University of
California are now recommending as much as 1000 IU/day. There are actual studies
which show Vitamin D3 is effective in treating and preventing prostate and colon
cancer and new studies are indicating the same may be true for many other types of

Remember the blood test for Vitamin D levels is inexpensive and can be easily added
on to any blood test you may have. The recommended level of Vitamin D is 75-125
nmol/L. Check with your doctor before beginning any new supplementation.

About The Author

Karen Davison has studied health and nutrition extensively and works with people to
help them live a healthier, longer, more energetic life. Learn more about health and
nutrition at
. For a Free report on Eating For Energy go to
Do you know what your Vitamin D
level is? Chances are you don't and
chances are it's low. Research seems
to be coming out almost daily about
the effects of Vitamin D deficiency
and how many people are deficient.
Estimates range from about 35% in
young people to 100% in the elderly.

There is a growing awareness of how
critical Vitamin D is to our health.
There have been many studies on
various diseases and conditions which
point to Vitamin D deficiency as
playing a relevant role. Recent
research indicates that the following
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