Tips and Relief for Symptoms of PMS
by John Gibb
food cravings such as salt/salty foods, sweets, and fatty foods. Your appetite might
increase as well. Weight gain from over eating or water retention is also possible. You
may feel bloated as well. Headaches including migraines, breast soreness, and back
aches may also occur. There are well over 100 symptoms of PMS. No two women
will experience the same symptoms or the same intensity of symptoms. The
symptoms can be very mild requiring no treatment while others are so severe they
require serious treatment and possible hospitalization.

Tips and Treatments

If your PMS symptoms are mild you may require nothing more than a few lifestyle
changes. Exercise is important for overall good health and for increasing your energy
level. If you need motivation get a friend to go with you to the gym or to just hold
you accountable for your exercise.

Spirituality, meditation, and/or relaxation techniques can all help you ease tension,
relieve pain, and in general feel more positive. Yoga is a great way to exercise and
meditate the result of which can be deep relaxation.

Some dietary changes may also help. Eliminate or reduce eating salt, salty foods,
fatty foods and sweets. Excessive consumption of salt or salty foods can cause
bloating, weight gain and water retention. The body perceives thirst and pulls water
from the cells causing the above symptoms.

Eliminate or reduce your consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine can make you
jittery, cranky, and you may get breast tenderness. It is a stimulant. Alcohol on the
other hand is a depressant and can darken your mood causing depressive feelings.

Instead of eating 3 larger meals and a couple of snacks, you can try eating six small
meals- 3 meals and three snacks. This will help you to feel full longer and hopefully
avoid unwanted weight gain. Do eat complex carbohydrates such as whole grains,
whole grain pasta, cereals, fruits and veggies. Eating calcium rich foods can also
relieve symptoms. A study showed that women who drank 7 cups of milk daily
(double the recommended daily allowance) is over 30% less likely to have any PMS
symptoms than women who drank less than 1 cup of milk daily. A calcium
supplement with vitamin D will have a similar effect.

Vitamins and vitamin supplements can help ease food cravings and keep your body
working at a healthy level. Many vitamin supplements also contain many nutritive
minerals that support good health.

Medications may include pain relievers, diuretics (water pills) that will get rid of excess
water. The problem is that diuretics can seriously drop potassium levels. That would
cause another set of health concerns. Anti-inflammatories relieve pain as well. For
severe symptoms of depression, antidepressants may be used. Many medications
though come with side effects that could be worse than the symptoms you are
trying to relieve.

Herbal supplements often have vitamins such as B-complex and C vitamins and
minerals including zinc in them. If they are made to meet pharmaceutical grade
standards, have only standardized herbal extracts, and been extensively tested. You
can be guaranteed that you have a top quality supplement and that the dosing is
consistent in each capsule as is the quality of each supplement. They should not be
added to your routine without checking with your doctor because there are some
herbs that can affect the performance of prescriptions you may be taking for other
health concerns.


PMS symptoms are uncomfortable and in some cases severe enough for
medications and/or hospitalization. Medications including pain medications,
anti-depressants, and diuretics may also be used. All are effective and some can
have unwanted side effects. This is the reason for the increased use of natural
treatments and herbal supplements.

For some women all that may be needed is a few life style changes such as exercise,
dietary changes, and learning meditation and relaxation techniques. The good news is
there are options and all are effective. You and your doctor should decide together
what will be the best treatment that will meet your needs.

About The Author

John Gibb is a nutrition enthusiast with over ten years of nutrition education and has
now become a freelance writer. Currently, he focuses on information articles focused
on women's health and fitness.
PMS symptoms can be very
uncomfortable and problematic. If
your symptoms appear seven days
prior to the onset of your
menstruation and disappear a couple
of days into it, it may be
PMS-premenstrual syndrome. There
are some things you can do to help
relieve the symptoms.

Symptoms of PMS

The symptoms of PMS can include
mood swings, irritability, fatigue,
aggressiveness and/or difficulty in
concentrating. You may also have
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