Treatment Options for Ovarian Cancer-PMS Symptoms
by John Gibb

It has been believed that symptoms of Ovarian Cancer did not appear until the tumor
spreads. Very recently however, it has been discovered that there may be early
signs. These symptoms can be bloating, abdominal pain and frequent urination or
intense urge to urinate. You may experience problems with eating or you may feel
full really quickly.
If these symptoms have not appeared before or if they become severe, every
woman should see their doctors' for cancer screening.

Other symptoms of ovarian cancer could include a feeling of heaviness in the
pelvic/abdominal area, lower abdominal pain, and/or vaginal bleeding. Other
symptoms may include irregular periods, unexplained back pain that gets continually
worse, and increased abdominal girth. Some gastro-intestinal problems such as gas,
indigestion, decreased appetite and problems eating the usual amount of food may
be symptomatic of ovarian cancer.

Nausea, vomiting, and feeling bloated may also indicate ovarian cancer. Excessive
hair growth may also occur.

PMS Symptoms

There are two believed causes of premenstrual symptoms. The first is low serotonin
levels (brain chemical that helps control mood, sleep, and your appetite. Associated
symptoms include mood swings, irritability, aggressive behavior, and anger. Fatigue
and sleep problems may also occur. Anxiety, depression and concentration problems
are also associated symptoms. Food cravings and an increase in your appetite may
also occur.

The second possible cause is related to the hormonal fluctuations and may be
headaches including migraines. Sore breasts, bloating, and back ache might also be
experienced by some women. There are over 100 associated indicators related to


Ovarian cancer can be treated in a number of ways. Surgery is an option and may
include removal of just the diseased ovary or both can be removed. If this is the
case, you will no longer be able to get pregnant and early menopause may occur if
you have had it already.

Radiation Treatment uses extremely high energy x-rays to do one of two things;
shrink the cancer cells or to kill them. With radiation you may experience the side
effects such as nausea, fatigue, and diarrhea. Report these to your doctor
immediately because there are ways to help. Chemotherapy is given most often
after surgery.

They may be administered intravenously or by mouth. Once the drugs are in the
blood stream they spread throughout the body. This is a good treatment when the
cancer has spread beyond the ovaries.

Side effects from chemotherapy may include nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite,
hair loss, and rashes on the hands and feet. Damage may occur to the kidneys or
nerves. Tiredness due to low red blood cell counts, bleeding/bruising from minor cuts
due to low platelet counts and mouth sores may occur. Once treatments are done
most of these things go away. PMS treatments include prescribed medications;
possibly anti-depressants which are used no matter the level of severity. These come
with some very serious side effects and as a result many people are looking for
natural treatments such as herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements of high quality should have been put through intense testing. The
metabolism of the ingredients is tested at the molecular level and the interactions of
the ingredients examined. They also should have been made to meet pharmaceutical
grade standards. This guarantees that what the label says it contains, is really in the
supplement. The safety, purity, and effectiveness of the supplement are also
guaranteed. Before taking any supplement, check with your doctor because the
herbs may have an effect on how prescriptions you may be taking for other
conditions work.


Ovarian cancer do have some commonalities such as a little lower
abdominal pain, weight gain, irregular periods, and indigestion. These symptoms can
indicate either Ovarian Cancer/PMS symptoms. It is very strongly recommended that
if you suspect you have PMS or ovarian cancer, to get medical advice as soon as
possible. Both can be treated but ovarian cancer may be more survivable if caught
early rather than later: and that is usually the case.

About The Author

John Gibb is a nutrition enthusiast with over ten years of nutrition education and has
now become a freelance writer. Currently, he focuses on information articles focused
on women's health and fitness.
Many health conditions have very
similar symptoms and therefore it is
imperative that if you have any
unusual symptoms going on that you
get a thorough physical from your
doctor to help determine exactly
what is going on. Ovarian Cancer and
PMS -premenstrual syndrome are
two conditions that have some of the
same symptoms. The similar
symptoms of Ovarian Cancer and
PMS will be reviewed. Treatment
options for both will be discussed as

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms
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