Why Refined Sugar is the Most Dangerous "Food" You Can Eat
by Mark A Ament
from sugar cane (Saccharum spp.) which is a dense tall grass that grows in tropical
regions. The juice from sugar cane is traditionally used as a sweetener from India to
the Caribbean. And, interestingly, raw sugar cane juice is pretty good for you, being
alkalizing and relatively low on the glycemic index.

But in the 1500s manufacturers began refining sugar cane so that it could be more
easily transported overseas, especially back to Europe. Over the years, the process
has become increasingly complex and dependent on chemicals. Here is what happens
between cutting sugar cane in the fields and delivering refined sugar to your local

After harvest, machines at a sugar mill wash, cut, shred and press the juice out of
the cane stalks. This liquid is then heated to boiling and treated with chemical
solvents to remove impurities. Then it is moved to huge tanks and heated again to
evaporate the water content. This leaves a thick syrup that is placed in a centrifuge
machine to form the syrup into crystals.

These crystals are then transported to a sugar refinery where they are heated to
boiling again, treated with bleach and other chemicals and then filtered through bone
char, which is a powder made from cow or pig bones. After filtering, the syrup is then
centrifuged again to produce refined white sugar. Brown sugar is created by adding
molasses before putting it in the centrifuge.

Given the fact that it's heated to boiling at least three times, treated with chemicals,
filtered through bone powder and forced to crystallize, it's no wonder that refined
sugar has literally had the life force beaten out of it.

Refined sugar, white or brown, literally has zero nutritional value - no minerals, no
vitamins, no fiber, no enzymes, no fats - nothing of value for the body. Instead it's
toxic to the body. You can live longer on pure water alone, than on water mixed with

Here is what refined sugar does in the body:

Fortunately for all of us with a sweet tooth, there are many natural raw sweeteners
that are not only harmless to the body, but actually support it. The highest choice is
to use 100% unrefined and untreated sweeteners.

These are what I use exclusively:

Dried fruits like dates or raisins,
Pure cane juice,
Raw, unprocessed cane sugar,
Agave syrup,
Stevia and Stevia extract,
Yacon syrup,
Raw honey,
Mezquite powder,

Most of these are available at any health food store. Just make sure to ask if they
are minimally processed and raw (meaning unheated).

Whatever you choose, you can be sure of this: eliminating refined sugar from your
diet is one of the kindest and most loving things you could ever do for your body.
Please pass this information on to anyone in your life who you care about.

Some interesting sugar facts:

About The Author

Mark Ament is the author of several books and programs on natural health, including
his unique introduction to
called the "5 Master Keys To
Ultimate Healing." To get your free copy and learn more about Mark's work visit
If you only make one improvement
to your diet this year, I hope it is to
replace refined sugar with raw food
sweeteners. If you do, I can
guarantee you that smoother
digestion, more relaxed muscles,
more peaceful emotions and
increased mental clarity are soon to

Before looking at the negative health
consequences of eating refined sugar,
let's have a quick look at how it's
made. This will give you some insight
into why it affects the body the way
it does. The majority of sugar comes
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