Yoga Classes - What You Need to Know Before Beginning
Yoga Classes For the First Time  
by Doug Marecroft
- if indeed even a significant - focus of your average gym or health club.

For a wider variety of options and techniques - as well as for classes which cater to
varying levels of experience - you will want to seek out a dedicated and specialized
yoga studio. Contrary to what you may believe when envisaging such a place, taking
classes at a yoga studio does not have to cost the earth. On average, classes range
from $8 to $30 per session, which is really rather reasonable for the extreme
benefits it can give you in a relatively short space of time.

An important tip for those new to yoga, or indeed those taking classes for the first
time, is not to jump the gun and throw yourself in at the deep end with an
intermediate or advanced class. Although it may look easier than pulling weights and
engaging in traditional vigorous exercises, yoga can be and is a very demanding
activity. Be sure to wean yourself into it by first taking a beginners class and
assessing how you are able to cope with the demands your instructor places on you.

Thankfully, one need not worry about having to invest in a great deal of expensive
equipment in order to engage in yoga classes. Indeed, the only thing which is
mandatory other than yourself being in attendance is a yoga mat (often referred to
as a "sticky mat").

A yoga mat is simply a lightweight foam mat on which you situate yourself whilst
carrying out your yoga routines. The mat not only provides a padded and
comfortable surface for you to occupy, but it also provides a good amount of
traction (or stickiness) to ensure that you do not slip during those sometimes
awkward and often strenuous yoga poses.

Due to being renowned of as much as a workout for ones mind as it is ones body,
many classes and instructors place a lot of emphasis on the mental or spiritual side
of things as oppose to just the physical aspect. Such classes are admittedly not to
the taste of everybody, and so you might want to ask around to find out the
particular style or nature of a specific yoga class, studio or individual instructor prior
to committing your hard-earned money only to be left feeling way out of your
comfort zone and not wanting to return.

Yoga provides what you might call an "active timeout", which is to say that it has the
power to give you a great energizing workout whilst simultaneously soothing and
calming your whole body and mind. Approach your yoga classes with a good amount
of determination (you'll need it), but try to keep and open mind and be relaxed. It
can be a very enjoyable as well as beneficial activity, so above all remember to have

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Doug has written articles for many websites and on many topics over the years, but
more recently has been spending time researching and writing for his
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, as
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Yoga has seen a steep rise in
popularity across the globe over the
past few years, so much that it is
now quite common for many people
to include a regular (or at least the
occasional) yoga workout as part of
their health and fitness regime.

As a result of its increased uptake,
you will find that many gyms now
offer some form of yoga classes
included in their membership fees, for
anyone who is interested. You will
discover however that in many cases
it is more of a one-size-fits-all affair,
since yoga is usually not the primary
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