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    Almased Diet to Speed Up and Improve Your Metabolism

    Almased Diet Review – A Multi Protein Powder For Faster Metabolism

    What is Almased?

    Almased is a natural meal replacement product formulated to enhance weight loss through reducing your calorie consumption. Developed in Germany in 1985 by scientist Herbert Trouille, it is manufactured from quality, natural soy, protein, skim milk yogurt powder, and honey.

    The unique fermentation technique used during production leads to the release of bioactive peptides, which aid in weight reduction. Almased also does not contain any gluten and is free of artificial preservatives, flavors or stimulants.

    Almased is formulated with a protein that leaves you feeling satisfied for up to four hours after consuming one of the meal replacement shakes. Further, it helps to balance your blood sugar levels, aiding you in fending off your cravings. This means that when on an Almased diet, you will be .

    The Almased diet encourages you to replace a number of meals each day with a shake prepared from the Almased powder. The most common Almased diet plan is the Bikini Emergency Plan.

    How Almased Works

    Although its primary use is weight loss, consuming Almased shakes regularly can have beneficial effects on your overall health. It has all the crucial nutrients your body requires, as well as enzymes and amino acids that ease digestion.

    Almased also works to boost your metabolism by optimizing how your body functions. Artificial additives in food can destroy necessary nutrients in your food. Further, eating unhealthily, or ingesting too many fats, sugar or salt, can all contribute to slowing down your metabolism. This can affect the rate at which your body burns calories, resulting in weight gain, low energy, and other health complications.

    One of the downside to getting on a fad diet, the kinds that are so popular today, is the feared ‘.' Also referred to as weight cycling, this is where you keep gaining back the weight you lost after you have completed your diet.

    By enabling your body to function optimally, Almased not only does it help you lose weight but also keep it off once you start eating regularly again. Almased has a low glycemic index. This is an index that is used to measure how carbohydrates affect your blood sugar levels. This means that when you take one of the shakes, your blood sugar increases only marginally, making your body release a lower amount of insulin. This is an important point to note because lower insulin levels in your body lead to a higher metabolism, helping you lose more fat and build muscle.

    The Almased Diet: What it involves

    Almased Multi Protein Powders Review by Every Nutrient

    The Almased Diet is a three-phase program that lasts up to about six weeks. The first phase, known as the Starting Phase, lasts between three to fourteen days. You can mix eight tablespoons of Almased with ten to twelve oz of liquids such as water, low-sodium vegetable juice, herbal tea, vegetable broth, skim milk, fruit tea, or unsweetened soy or almond milk.

    You will need to drink only three shakes each day at the start. Each Almased shake contains approximately 180 calories. To make sure you are also getting an adequate amount of essential fats, add about two teaspoons of olive, walnut or flaxseed oil into your shake. For added variety, you can also combine cinnamon or flavored natural extracts into your shakes. You can lose the highest amount of weight during this phase.

    The next stage is the Reduction Phase, this where you will be replacing two meals with shakes as well as having one meal rich in protein each day. This phase should last up to six weeks, or till you achieve your desired weight.

    The last stage, the Stability Phase, can last as long as you require. It involves you replacing one meal with an Almased shake each day: the other two must be medium-carb and rich in protein. This stage helps your body stabilize and thus avoid gaining back all the weight you have lost.

    Once you finish the Almased diet, you should consider adding the shakes into your normal diet. Almased is great for continuous weight management as well as for general wellness. It also helps keep your system active, improving your energy levels. Further, it can be safely used as a protein supplement for athletes, vegetarians, and even the elderly. You can consume it as a snack or as a meal after working out.

    Pros of using Almased

    The most important pro in using Almased is that it actually works. Studies have proven that diets rich in the soy protein used in the manufacture of Almased actually boost metabolism in the obese or overweight, increasing fat burning while retaining muscle mass.

    Specifically, with regard to Almased, researchers in a 2013 study discovered that taking it continuously led to a decrease in the amount of insulin that people with Type II Diabetes needed to take. Further, this group also experienced a drop in weight, experienced a decrease in cardiometabolic risk considerations, as well as a general reduction in blood sugar levels.

    Another study conducted in 2007 found that applying the Almased diet as prescribed resulted in significant weight loss in both pre and post-menopausal women. Obese, middle-aged women who followed the diet for up to one year experienced massive and sustained weight reduction, as well as a generally improved quality of life.

    Research has shown that a meal replacement diet provides a more effective way to lose weight in a healthy way. Like the Almased diet, they lead to a significant loss of weight in the short term, as well as a lower amount of weight regained per annum. These statistics are better as compared to traditional diet methods.

    Other proven benefits of using Almased include the following:

    It is formulated with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients.

    • It does not contain any caffeine but enables your body to naturally boost your energy, allowing you to do more in your day to day activities.
    • It boosts the body’s natural metabolism to ensure fast and sustained weight loss
    • It enables the body to shed fat without losing muscle mass.
    • It does not produce any serious side effects.
    • It is extremely satisfying and can be taken as a meal replacement throughout the day with minimal hunger pangs.
    • It is a more sustainable method of long-term weight management that traditional, food-based diet methods.
    • The product has been on the market for at least 30 years and has a demonstrable track record of success.
    • Almased uses more accepted ways to sell its products, as opposed to some competitors who use other unorthodox systems.

    Cons of using Almased

    As with all reviews, we must look at both the benefits and disadvantages of using Almased as a weight management product.

    First, using Almased can be very expensive: it is recommended that you use at least thirty-six containers of Almased during your diet.

    Numerous users have also complained about the taste. Almased reviews note that the taste of Almased can be quite unpleasant and so it makes Almased difficult to use for a sustained period, especially as you are supposed to be replacing your regular meals with the shakes.

    Other reviews have also noted that the Almased diet plan does not prescribe any exercise advice. Although it is effective in weight loss and management on its own, it is important to point its users to embracing a lifestyle of working out for sustainable weight control.

    Other cons of Almased are as follows:

    • Despite supporting research, they have been warned by the FDA about their claims that Almased is effective in managing diabetes

    Almased Side Effects

    According to Almased reviews, Almased side effects may include mild headaches, as well as constipation. However, these side effects are not long lasting or debilitating and will reduce naturally after a period of use.


    The topic of meal replacement shakes is sometimes a very contentious one within the health industry. Many reviews from health and fitness professionals do not consider such methods as viable alternatives to exercise and other wellness practices.

    However, numerous studies show that meal replacement products such as Almased are more efficient in ensuring sustainable weight control in the long term. This is because, while many people find it incredibly difficult to keep up with continuous exercise, they find it easier to sustain consuming shakes and taking up healthy, short-term diets.

    Despite negative reviews about its cost and difficult taste, Almased is arguably the best meal replacement product in the market today. Aside from numerous studies proving its effectiveness in weight management, sustained weight loss, and blood sugar level control, Almased also has a very long track record of success as compared to other products in the market.

    Undoubtedly, if you follow the prescribed Almased diets, you will get leaner in a relatively short amount of time. It is especially suitable for overweight and obese people, in whom it has been proven to have more significant long-term effects. However, increased exercise and better nutrition should also be a part of your fitness plan.

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